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George McClure's LETTERS
Stupidity exposed. . . and Compliments deserved

"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius. When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."

to Delgado Guitars
It's just nice to get substantiation of what I found -- the article echoes many of the factors I've noted concerning nylon string guitars. Most notably, a $42,000 Kono punches a hole through a sheet of paper at 50 paces, but disappears in the mix (both live and mixdown), and the same for an immaculate handmade in Mexico LaMancha I had. Yet my laminate nylon (did you work on it?) has its own area, its own unique timbre not competing with any other instrument in the mix. It is very similar to Gene Autrey's nylon on the classic recording of "Rudolph".

This article echoes what I found, and why I just couldn't give that "junker" up. . .

One who listens with ears and heart, knows true beauty. Yes, I mixed and produced my albums and 50 albums for others, and I toured for 12 years from Nashville with my trio. I wrote the book on improv for 5-string banjo.

You did some really fine work on my guitar. I wish you the best too.

Letter to President Trump
17 feb 2019

President Trump, you have clearly dropped the ball on your duties as president. Order the military to the border and secure it. No congressional approval is needed -- it is Constitutional and it is your duty as Commander in Chief to secure our borders and protect us from invasion.

Secondly, fire the Federal Reserve chief. This is also Constitutional and it is your duty to put the U.S. on sound footing again. The Fed is a criminal cabal and you can remove it. Just do it.

Pardon Julian Assange. He is a hero. As you pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, another hero, and Cliven Bundy, an American hero and Constitutionalist.

Bring home all the troops. You are Commander in Chief. Start acting like it. For cogent, expert news, look at Oath Keepers. The founder Stewart Rhodes is a Constitutional lawyer and former Soldier.

Restore my 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech. I am being de-platformed by Google-Youtube 02 April. Initiate action to break up their monopolies on information. This is my God given right, and I promise you, President Trump, we are VERY very close to civil war in this country. Long ago, I was above-top-secret (SCI SBSI, Federal compartmentalized), part of the brain trust (NASA Houston). I am being targeted.

If you do not do your duty and protect us, I - and we - will protect ourselves. It's going to be very bloody. We will not relinquish our firearms and I will not stop exercising my God given birth right to say what I want, to whom I want, when I want.

Best Regards,
George McClure

Chemtrails Letter from Hager, Metro Health via Mayor
GMcClure, 27 n 2012 chronolog-gm.BP.illness.html
26 n 2012
Hager, your pedantic reply is very revealing. No one can pay me - and my lyin' eyes - enough money to obfuscate the truth. Of course we are not third graders who never saw real cirrus clouds and contrails - low altitude clouds are not cirrus. Any reasonable adult can see the pictures are low altitude chemtrails, regardless of what you say. The numerous scientific references of chemical tests performed by doctors and chem labs cannot be ignored by any professional. See

They couldn't pay me enough money to cover up factual evidence - don't you have children breathing this stuff? We don't need pedantic third-grade lessons in the water cycle and cloud formation; we need men and women with integrity to step forward. Your communiques are being posted for the world to see. George McClure, Writer former NASA JSC Space Scientist

"Hager, Brent (Health)" wrote:
Mr. McClure:
I have been asked to reply to your e-mail message below concerning high altitude aircraft chemtrails. I believe these are actually contrails which are line shaped condensation trails that create artificial cirrus clouds. These are composed primarily of water ice particles visible behind aircraft engines and have always been a normal effect of high altitude aviation. Variable factors that determine the extent of formation of these ice crystals mostly include the temperature and amount of moisture in the atmosphere. If the humidity of the atmosphere is low, the contrails evaporate much faster than if the humidity is high where they can persist for hours. Emissions of high temperature aircraft engines mainly include carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulphur gasses and soot. Jet aircraft pilots often also see these ice crystal formed off the tips of wings when sharp turns are made resulting in the movement of the higher pressure below a surface mixing with the lower pressure above causing a drop in pressure which cools the air causing visible condensation.

It is generally believed that formation of these artificial line shaped cirrus clouds can have a minute effect on the Earth's atmosphere by reducing the amount of heat radiation going into the upper atmosphere thereby possibly being a factor in climate. Because cirrus clouds form naturally and these contrails are intermixed with them, not enough is known about the climate affect, if any.
Brent Hager, PE, PhD - Director of Environmental Health Services - Metro Public Health Department - 340-5653 (O)

From: Mayor (Mayor's Office)
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 7:43 AM
To: Hager, Brent (Health)
Subject: FW: Nashville people sick from chemspraying in the sky

From: george [mailto george]
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2012 11:06 AM
To: george
Cc: Governor State of TN; Mayor (Mayor's Office); jr;; cbs5news; - wsj
Subject: Nashville people sick from chemspraying in the sky
24 n 2012 - Chem Report, Nashville & Middle Tennessee
Neighbors and people in stores report aching joints, fever, ears stuffed shut, sinuses blocked "flu like symptoms", run down, tired and weak. Today sinuses stuffed up, was dizzy last night, and today body is itchy from waist up.

Reptilians, Shape-shifting, and Image Processing
GMcClure, 17 n 2012 Ref: youtube - Jesse Ventura - Reptilians

As for the faux "shape shifting" widely discussed online, I have yet to see any one of them get shape shifting right. They all seem to think it is the juvenile idea of a newscaster's eyes developing vertical slits or their mouth going into a contorted shape on youtube. Firstly, shape shifting is a shamanistic technique practiced from Siberia to South America through NAmerica and is thousands of years old. Possibly native African populations practice it too, I don't know - I haven't studied native African traditions.

The shaman, through development of his (brujo or shaman) or her (bruja) abilities, learns to take the shape and inhabit the body of an animal such as a crow or eagle or coyote or bug. The shaman or bruja shifts into the body of the spirit animal and experiences a journey or sortie. The shaman is the animal for a time, and then returns to his human body. Some traditions utilize drugs to induce a state, others do not. I consider the highest forms of the art to be drug-free and learned with great dedication and practice, perhaps like meditation techniques.

What the juveniles on youtube are doing is looking at a digitally processed image, without knowing what happens to an image in normal tv viewing, much less youtube and video. Images are run through a variety of filters (image processing algorithms) to reduce the pixelation or density so the image can be displayed efficiently, and so the image properties look recognizable to a human viewer. When you make a video you can describe the data density and this is the first filter applied. Then when someone views it in their viewer, say Windows Media Player or Winamp or Real Player, it has display algorithms applied to make the frames flow and display quickly. If the video is placed on youtube, there are many more filters applied, and then the viewer on youtube can choose 240Kbps or HiDef.

Finally, the kid freezes a frame where a newscaster's face contorted into a grimace that coincides with a questionable remark, and the kid says the newscaster (or Cheney or whomever) is "shape shifting" - without even knowing what shape shifting actually is, and without knowing about the image processing techniques he's actually seeing.

It's particularly sad to me to see entire websites and youtube videos dedicated to "trees on Mars" and "lakes and ponds on Mars" and the people are completely unaware that the NASA images they are looking at are not even photographs, much less aware of the heavy image processing conducted to make the images even visible. Most images from space are taken in infrared, xray, and other wavelengths and are black to us. Color is added to mark things like elevation, temperature, and chemical composition. Just google landform maps of Earth and you'll see the bright reds, greens, and browns that are image processed. They are not photographs.

It Is Time george mcclure, 28 jun 2010
It is time for humanity to stop playing games. Games of war, games of lies, games of deceit, games of theft, games of killing. Games of power, games of greed, and games of control.

It's time for humanity to grow up. It's time for humanity to embrace the immense personal power we humans have, it's time for humanity to understand we are part of the Galactic Universe and its infinite diversity. It's time for humanity to finally be adults.

As for BP and the Horizon event, we're going to arrest the single top owners, put them on forum trial, and when found guilty of crimes against nature and humanity, remove them. They have forfeited their imperative to operate on this planet. Individuals have also lost their imperative to participate on this planet.

Rockefeller Jacob Rothschild queen England queen Netherlands "black" nobility Hayward Paulson Bush Sr Bush Jr Pelosi Kissinger Brzezinski Rumsfeld and so many more...

I want you to understand this. They have lost their imperative to participate in this world, our Earth.
- george mcclure, 28 jun 2010

Robert John Chapman
This Guest Book has been kept open by Ralph Evans - The Sovereign Economist.
A generalist of the first order, Bob Chapman (here on Earth 1935 - 2012) touched my life as so many. "We don't all have the same equipment" Bob would say. I had the tremendous good fortune to correspond with Mr. Chapman and in these conversations, I told him I was amazed at his patience with a diversity of radio hosts (and their relative levels of knowledge and understanding.)
It's our loss, humanity's loss. We'll all rejoin him on the other side.
- George McClure, writer and (fmr) Top Secret+, NASA Johnson Space Center

The Master Passes - Earl Scruggs
[11 Ix (Jaguar), New Era New Cycle (Mayan), or 30 mar 2012]
There was a snatch of something called "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" - the up the neck break - in Pete Seeger's banjo tablature book. There were a few Flatt & Scruggs 33 1/3 phonograph records, and a friend gave me the prized instrumental album. I learned every note, hours and hours and hours of time tuning to the record, playing with it, memorizing leads and fills and backs.

The first five-string player I saw live was Earl Scruggs. He was with his sons in the Review at that time, and they had Josh on dobro and Jody Maphis on drums. I was third or fourth row, and I swore Earl was looking directly into my eyes, playing the show to me. I was riveted, transformed. I was changed forever.

A year or two later I screwed up my courage and bought my first banjo and the Seeger book. Years later, I learned that Earl indeed picked out one or two people in the audience, and played the show to them. And I learned he had transfixed Sonny Osborne, JD Crowe, Little Roy Lewis, and others the same way.

In Nashville, I met Earl and Louise. He was just a common man, a great man, who transformed life for some, indelibly stamped American music for all. Pleasant voyages, Earl.
- George McClure, Nashville TN. 30 mar 2012

Here are two samples by George McClure's playing and writing (mp3)
KUMQUAT BLUES (Zera's Blues) - G McClure banjo
Youtube - TICKLIN' THE STRINGS - G McClure banjo

Foundations of Western thought, its limitations and fallacies, a time of accelerating changes, catastrophic threats to Earth and humanity, an exemplification of how following logic and preparation leads to spiritual harmony.
    5 Edznab, New Era New Cycle or 15 nov 2011

The foundational premises of Western civilization, and therefore Western science, are deeply flawed. The model, or philosophy, is based in a 500 and 1000, even 2000, year old way of thought based in conquest, expansion, and centered on the mind and body, or empirical, world.

Empiricism, the basis of Western thought, considers everything we can see hear touch and taste as real. It includes the false premise that "forever expansion" is a working model, and it includes the false premise that the analytical method yields the truth about humans, the universe, and our place in it.

The analytical method is Descartian reasoning, which includes the falsity that if we dissect a thing into its tiniest components, we understand that thing and we have discovered its true essence. An example of fallacies in Western science is the big bang theory, which is 100% insubstantiable and false.

Given the fact that the universe is expanding, with everything moving apart from everything else, the big bang theory states that it all started with one lump of stuff which exploded. If you explode something, everything moves away from the center start point, however everything is moving away from everything else in the known universe.

Therefore, the "theory" does not explain the actual situation, and is prima facie false. Prima facie just means "obviously" - anyone can see that. The other part of the big bang un-theory that is nonsense is the underlying assumption that it all had to start at some particular discrete time.

Who said that? There is absolutely no evidence that anything ever "started" or will "end".

The fact of the matter is, Western science hasn't a clue about how the universe started or how it works, so they made up a "theory" - that is patently absurd - so they wouldn't have to write in textbooks "we don't know the universe's origins."

Another example of false reasoning in Western science is a "theory" called uniformitarianism by geologists. Uniformitarianism says that if we can observe the Earth doing something today, it must have worked that way 10,000 and even 1,000,000 (a million) years ago.

This is an example of inductive reasoning, which is inherently unsound. Here's an example of inductive reasoning: "Socrates is a man. Socrates has blue eyes. Therefore, all men have blue eyes." You can see the problem with reasoning this way, from the special case to the general. It fails most of the time.

Here's an example of deductive reasoning, which is sound: "Socrates is a man. All men are made of flesh and blood. Therefore Socrates is made of flesh and blood." This conclusion is sound. The reasoning went from general case to special case.

Bringing the flawed reasoning into perspective in today's world, we see the instantiation of the premises in the grid model of food production and delivery, and in the grid system of energy production and delivery.

2000 and 500 years ago, Europeans were in an expansion mode and, ignoring the civilizations they encountered, killed and burned and destroyed their way into new continents. Some of this philosophy found its way into food production and energy distribution.

Tesla formulated a way to transmit free electricity through the air like radio waves. JP Morgan was funding Tesla and his research. As Morgan figured out he couldn't make money on free energy going throught the air, he cut funding to Tesla, bankrupted him, and had his patents frozen by Congress so no one could develop the free energy technology. Morgan went on the generate electricity in central plants, and distribute it through wires to homes and businesses, charging money for the power. Thus the energy grid system was born, of greed and a flawed model.

On Foundations And Fallacies Of Western Thought
04 mar 2011 - An Open Letter - george mcclure
Relative to the Mayan thought system, every researcher and writer I have looked at and listened to is foundered (sinking) in core misconceptions, precipitated by transferring Western assumptions and presumptions, to the Mayan system of thought. Except one. That one is Calleman/Lungold. With Inca studies, only one that I've seen or read - Bill Sullivan - is able to escape the bounds of Western preconceptions.

Anytime you hear someone call the Mayan people a "tribe", you're wasting your time listening to that person. The Maya, Olmec, Toltec, and Aztec civilization was the most advanced on Earth,10000 and 3000 years ago. When Cortez marched into Mexico City, it had a population of one million people, with canals, roads, and hydroponics (floating gardens). The libraries were immense and it took Cortez weeks to burn all the books. It was the most advanced culture and civilization on Earth.

Another tell-tale signal of false preconceptions (ethnocentric overlaying of values and beliefs) is when you hear or read someone say "they did all this without tools or technology." The human history on Earth spans 100,000 and perhaps a half million years. During that time, great civilizations have risen and fallen over and over. We know of a few of them today - the ancient Chinese, the Inca, the Maya/Aztec, the Egyptian, and tales and memories of Atlantis. Every great human society has had a "myth", a picture of reality, around which it is built. The Inca were far advanced in studies of the universe, Milky Way, energy systems, and I've always believed, were far advanced spiritually. The Maya were the most advanced civilization in math and astronomy and energy cycles, that we know about. Atlantis is widely believed to have been a technologically advanced society.

Western civilization's myth or central theme is "technology". Science and technology. To presume that other civilizations were not great, or couldn't have achieved something without technology, is elementary childish thinking. To think that the Inca were not far advanced, just because they didn't use technology, is nonsense. They built the best canals and aquaducts on the planet, built with such precision that the joints are locked tight today, thousands of years later. They layed the Nazca lines, clearly observable from space and from above Earth, but essentially invisible at ground level. Their knowledge of the stars and galaxy and energy cycles may well have surpassed even the Maya.

As we expand our awareness, it's essential to recognize and identify core philosophical errors in Western scientific thought. It is a system of thought based in two realms of human being or existence, the mind and the body. It ignores spirit, soul, and heart, the other three components of human reality. It's called "empiricism" and is Cartesian in foundation (after Rene Descarte.)

Descarte described the analytical method, a foundational principal, and one that is deeply flawed. It says that if you take something apart into its tiniest component pieces, you understand the true essence of that thing and can duplicate it. In other words, if you break a human brain, say, into all its physical components of organs, membranes, cells, chemicals, enzymes, molecules, atoms, electrons, pions and mesons, and so on, you'll completely understand the brain and how it works. You can, according to the Descartian theory, rebuild a human brain that feels thinks and talks and so on.

Another example is the fallacy that Western science can understand nature, say, by breaking it into all its component pieces. It's easy to see the damage and destruction wreaked by Western society's following this fallacious reasoning.

I don't listen to anyone who tells me Mayan or Inca civilizations were "tribes", anymore than I'd listen to someone who called the Egyptians a "tribe". I don't pay attention to anyone who is confused over how the Maya learned such vast amounts of the energy cycles in the Galaxy and Sun "without tools or technology". (Aztec and Inca children played with wheeled toys, carts, yet the wheel wasn't used in transportation. Why?)

We are only here a short time. And I only have time to pay attention to people who come from the complete heart - mind - spirit - body - soul world view. Everyone else is misdirected. They may figure it out, some other time. This time, however, is for you and me and the persons on Earth who understand the complete system, where we're going, and what we're doing here now.

I listen to my elders: This is our time of great awakening on this planet, our Earth. This is our time, the time for my true brothers and sisters, whether in the spirit world, the animals and plants and Earth world, or the human world. This is my time to usher in and create the new world. This is the time I - and you - have been waiting for and preparing for our whole lives.

"13 Deer" (Oxlahun Manik)

Examiner article - 27 sep 2010
7 Seed/Lizard, 27 sep 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Subject: Examiner Newspaper: Toxic effects in Middle TN
CC: "Phil.Bredesen","phil.bredesen",mayor

Examiner Newspaper: Toxic effects in Middle TN
by Deborah Dupre 24 September 2010 d-seen-on-tv-ignored-cries-for-help-america

George McClure in Tennessee told the Examiner this week that many people in his community are suffering the same way. "I am a resident of middle TN and I am suffering - and chronicalling - - toxic effects blown in from the BP Gulf event. At this moment I am coughing uncontrollably," he reported to the Examiner this week.

"The tree leaves have holes burned right through following rains, and so on. Our damage and symptoms mirror those reported in Memphis TN on tv and media. All symptoms match benzene and corexit poisoning that I researched online." McClure's detailed documentation of the chemical effects can be viewed online at

Susan Kindler reported from her Destin, Florida home one mile from the beach that her condition worsens each week. What started as burning throat and eyes progressed to body rashes and now Kindler reports internal bleeding - from her head.

Without media exposure to Gulf truth, the nation's people of goodwill remain unaware of the crime against humanity being committed in the United States against innocent Americans.
Read entire article d-seen-on-tv-ignored-cries-for-help-america

Subject:              Re: Dear Jeff
        Date:              Tue, 22 Jun 2010 11:15:54 -0500
         To:              Catherine Austin Fitts 
  References:              1 , 2

I don't know what your problem is.  You wrote me email, which is correspondence.  We
emailed back and forth, which is corresponding.  If you don't want me to say
we correspond, don't write to me. 

Have a Blessed day, 

p.s.  Of course, you're off the list.  Seems you are very touchy about something. 
Catherine Austin Fitts wrote: 

  Please do not ever use my name in this manner again. Please consider 
  this notice that we are NOT "in correspondence." 

   george wrote: 
  > Dear Jeff, 
  > When 9/11 hit everyone was in total shock.  Then those on the inside began to
recognize the facts and the truth. 
  > They said it was a cascade of errors, that training exercises had nothing to do with it,
that someone ordered NorthCom 
  > to stand down but no one knew who. 
  > They said the bumbling federal handling and media restrictions were normal federal
  > They said it was safe for the cleanup crews to work there and nothing was toxic. 
  > They had media blackout zones and highly restricted reporting. 
  > When workers and citizens got sick, they wouldn't report it to the media. 
  > Families of killed airplane passengers were the first to conclude it was a heist, an
inside job, an intentional planned 
  > event. 
  > They said that a man living in a cave with a laptop in Afghanistan orchestrated the
  > They said that a handful of non-Anglos armed with pens and nail clippers took over
jetliners - and navigated them to 
  > destruction. 
  > They said a jet plane hit the Pentagon, leaving a hole the size of a s-to-a rocket and no
jet airplane remains. 
  > They immediately removed all debris from both the Pentagon and the Twin Towers
sites, and sealed it from public access. 
  > Is any of this sounding familiar? 
  > Jeff, I haven't always been popular, however I am nearly always right.  My track
record is 100% - one hundred percent 
  > correct - since 2003 when I started writing on these topics.  I am highly trained in logic
and critical analytical 
  > thought.  Nineteen years ago I was advanced researcher in reasoning systems at NASA
JSC Houston for Lockheed-Martin in 
  > the Intelligent Systems Division, number two in my division. 
  > I'm right on this one too.  Top minds agree with me.  I correspond with Bob Chapman,
Adrian Salbuchi, Catherine Austin 
  > Fitts, Carl Johan Calleman, and many more. 
  > Have a Blessed day, 
  > Your friend in Peace 
  > george mcclure 

On The Root Forces
c. 02 May 2010 [02 Vulture / Wisdom, Galactic]

"Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." - Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister to New Statesman magazine on June 25, 1982

Need I say more?

People who I've exposed as secret or open supporters of the matrix and/or the central banking grid:
* Max Keiser (Matrix supporter, carbon credit and climate fraud supporter, lives in France - no extradition)
* Karl Denninger (knows the truth about global plans, or "conspiracy", and willfully ignores it. Intentional coverup.)
* Lindsey Williams (subtle moutpiece for Rockefeller, owner of Exxon Standard Oil and JP Morgan Chase)
* Big John Lipscomb (internet radio) (according to Eustace Mullins' writings, Lipscomb fits the CIA operative profile to a 't')

People with whom I can find no taint of corruption or duplicitous agendas:
*Jeff Rense
*Eustace Mullins
*Bob Chapman
*Austin Fitts
*Gerald Celente (although he doesn't "get" the whole big picture, he's an integral person)
* Jim Marrs (great on integrating the big picture)

Are you following the Reverend Manning Constitutional treason trial of Obama? CIA Columbia University alleged crimes, sedition, forgeries, ineligibility for office of the President of the U.S.


House Passes Healthcare Bill by Fiat
c. 28 March 2010 george mcclure, Nashville TN

Against overwhelming citizen opposition, 70% in most polls, the House of Representatives, under Speaker Pelosi, passed the healthcare "reform" bill Sunday night the 21'st March 2010. Earlier, Congress threatened to pass the bill by executive fiat, with or without House vote and approval, and Obama stated he would sign executive order changes to the bill, by executive fiat.

"If we pass this bill, there will be no turning back," warned minority leader John Boehner. "It will be the last straw for the American people." Thousands of protesters rallied on the Capitol lawn, chanting, "Kill the bill."

Many understand the bill as extracting the last bit of savings and wealth from middle america individuals, families, and small business, with a simultaneous ramp-up of IRS power to confiscate bank accounts and paychecks and collect objectionable personal data. It is reported IRS will add 16,500 employees and IRS has requisitioned Remington riot shotguns and ammo.

35% of stock market, bond, and 401K retirement portfolio value was extracted since fall of 2007. Money market funds collapsed. Millions of individuals cashed in 401K plans early, choosing penalties rather than further theft by central banks and Wall Street financial firms like JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Capital One.

A look at history shows the modus operandus of central bankers orchestrating the destruction of a country carried out to the 'T' with the United States. One must wonder when the American people will explode; it can't be far from here.

Provisions in the "Healtcare Bill", widely euphamised as the "Deathcare Bill":
.) Mandate that all U.S. citizens buy healthcare insurance, from one of a short list of "approved providers". Unconstitutional.

.) Every citizen or employer is mandated to pay $8000 per year ($750/month) or suffer a penalty, to be collected by the IRS. Unconstitutional.

.) Adding a private militia for the Surgeon General. Unconstitutional.

.) Funding for guns to the Education Department. Obama's "Youth Corp" is drawn from middle and high school students nationally. Most secondary public schools in the U.S. are operating on Federal funds and therefore are dictated to as a matter of policy.

.) Government, not doctors or patients, will decide who gets what care, on a highly selective basis. Older patients with expensive treatments will be allowed to self-euthanise, or will be abandoned, to "save costs". [Government directed genocide.]

-- more to be posted as we learn of it; the bill was passed without reading and under duress of threat and extortion. Unconstitutional. --

Tragedy: Austin man commits IRS homicide-suicide - FBI Shuts Down Website
First Shot, First Death In New American Revolution
20 Feb 2010
Nashville TN

It's a sad day understanding that, in the act of Joe Stack, we see the instantiation of the reality of what Paul Craig Roberts, Austin Fitts, Bob Chapman, and many many others have told us is occurring - the foundational dissolution of America. It can no longer be denied. (Karl Denninger), which posted this story yesterday, has mysteriously gone down and returned without their story and links.

This is Joe Stack's website where he posted his suicide-homicide note before he flew his light plane into the Austin IRS building Thursday morning the 18'th of February 2010, killing at least one with himself and leaving over a dozen innocent people in critical condition.

This is Stack's complete letter posted on his website, and taken down by FBI

The United States government has the approval of less than 20% of its citizens by a variety of polls (and less than 10% by some), with over 80% in solid disagreement of policies, spending, Congress, President, the Federal Reserve Bank, false wars, and Wall Street investment banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. According to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and "Father of Reaganomics", the United States is an occupied country, a rogue government operating without the consent or approval its constituents.

The way is NOT violence. It's peaceful truth and awareness and compassion. It's living local and withdrawing from the matrix. The cauldron. The insanity of the forever-growth model of Western civilization and the globalist bankers.

A new model for human existence is emerging, and it doesn't involve paying tariffs to antiquated and unnecessary grid systems; it doesn't involve eating denutritionalized and poisoned food; and it doesn't involve ingesting toxins from chemtrails and poisons in the water supply. The new model we are forging is based in natural medicines and treatments known and used for thousands of years, essentially free energy powering your home and car, high speed trains for transit and efficient shipping of goods, and people living and working entirely in their local neighborhoods. In this new model we grow and eat local healthy non-hybrid foods and spend as much time as we want doing what humans, well, are meant to do - being spiritual, soulful, and creative living beings.

Joe Stack is a tragedy. It's symptomatic of a criminal ruling class gone mad in its death throes. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and the injured left behind.

george mcclure

Subject: about hosting Lindsey Williams on your show
To: jeff rense
I wish you wouldn't have Williams on your show anymore. He's obviously a mouthpiece for Rockefeller. I don't know why more people don't see it. Maybe it's like people not seeing the couple "sneaking" into the Obama dinner for what it was: A threat and warning; "We can take you out anytime, anyplace." Maybe it's like people not seeing the lie and fraud of WMD's as rationale for attacking Iraq - I did, and I wrote "Is Bush A Despot?" and many other national press releases at the time - and was called "traitorous liar" and worse for it.

Maybe it's like people not seeing everything I've seen, and the things I continue to see.

If you listen to Williams carefully, you will see he interjects subtle messages; "There's NOTHING you can do about it, Jeff!" Nonsense. The TRUTH is, they know we can stop the whole thing. They're playing on your emotions by saying "[the old man] is getting old, and he feels remorse [he's feeling compassion]" Therefore, I should feel compassion and empathy for him. "He's 87 years old now." More of the same.

Lindsey Williams is nothing more than a mouthpiece to deliver extremely subtle messages. Please pay attention. My track record is 100% - perfect - since I've been writing on these political, financial, NWO, and spiritual matters starting circa 2001.

-george mcclure, BA/BA/MCS, former top secret+ NASA JSC research scientist Nashville TN

Subject: It's 6.8B pop, and deleting my comments (and respondents to my comment)
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 21:02:11 -0600
To: max keiser and stacy herbert

First, a correction in a post i made on As of 1 December 2009, the Earth's population is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6.8 billion. [one online source] I incorrectly stated 3.5B as the Earth's human population.

Second, it shows a lot about you that you removed my comment criticizing your commentary that "the underlying argument of climate change is right". In fact, it reveals your true agenda and also reveals that you refuse to allow dissenting remarks. I believe it's called "the First Amendment" and "salient human thought."

If you ascribe to deductive logic, and empirical evidence, there is only one conclusion re global warming and climate change - it's an obvious fraud perpetrated to tax the populace and blow another bubble.

Censor what you want on your pages, you've only exposed your true agenda and motives. I no longer turn to your pages and comments as a source.
george mcclure
Nashville TN

RE: Observations on The-Potential-Impact-of-Wells-TARP-Exit
15 dec 2009

Very interesting article, addressing a faint nagging thought of mine, e.g. "Why are these banks settling up the TARP monies, and where are they in fact getting the funds to do so?"

In my estimation, they could very easily be looking for the next global bubble to "set them free". The carbon bubble is about to be blown in a way we've never seen in the history of banking and our civilization. They just granted themselves "special powers" at the Copenhagen talks (kind of like me granting you special powers or vice versa) to mandate serious measures to avert the, in fact fictitious, but self-labelled "crisis" in global change.

My discussion of the global warming climate change fraud can be found elsewhere. (It takes one paragraph to destroy their premise, substance and conclusion.)

Either the top banks and central banks know the entire financial system is about to implode (collapse) and are prepared for the same, or they are preparing for the new global bubble, carbon credits, which will effectively tax every living breathing human being and simultaneously inflate the biggest bubble conceivable. The latter plunges every human being into de facto serf class.

I am the big picture guy, and I'm seldom wrong. My track record is 100% correct since I started writing on these topics around 2001 9/11, admonishing Bush and Cheney ("Is Bush A Despot?" and other letters) when I was the lone voice in the wilderness - and took a lot of heat for my "unpatriotic" "traitorous lies" - all of which turned out a few short years later to be absolutely correct.

With the inflation of the carbon credits bubble comes the simultaneous subjugation of humankind; the introduction of world government dictated via the financial system.


The real truth and big picture of the matter is free working "zero point" energy is here. The real truth is, everyone in power today, except you and me and people like us, derive their power through control of the energy power grid and financial system. We don't really need the financial system at the street level and it can be managed without fraud at the global trade level.

And we don't need the power energy grid at all. Mellon, Carnegie, Harriman, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, the queen of England, shahs and sheiks (and so on) all derive their power from the same source, and have for 200 - 300 years. This intentional implosion of the global financial system is closely orchestrated with plans to continue their domination over the human race. The utilization of truly free unit (or zero point) energy brings with it a revolution of consciousness in human spirit, a mental freedom for every person on Earth.

The power brokers are fighting to preserve their basis for power and their wealth (which is, of course, false.) They will be seen as the emporers with no clothes! Quite literally, in some cases.

THIS is the fundament of the struggles going on among humans on Earth today. It's a fight for survival of few super-rich 'cockroaches', as you characterize them, through the continued subjugation of mankind. They are making their big play now, as the dawn of truly free unit point energy emerges. A mere fraction of bailout and TARP monies would fund this revolution on Earth. Guess why it isn't happening.

They may find, however, the information and knowledge is insuppressable. Powering your home for seventy-five years on a $3000 magnet powered box, the size of a mini-refridgerator, and running your car on cold fusion (almost free internal combustion) and magnetic electric motors (Troy Reed) are the technologies here now.

Best Regards,
george mcclure
Nashville TN

Your foray into geopolitics - "Doing The Same Thing Over And Over": War
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 12:44:09 -0600
To: Karl Denninger,


I again compliment you on your recent foray into matters larger than finance. You are looking at the bigger pictures now. l

Consider the larger picture and evidence: Obama's campaign lies; Bush-Fed-US Treasury coup of the financial industry and abrogation of US govt powers; WHO and CFR published agendas; outright refusal of officials to enforce fraud laws surrounding financial coup d'etat; occupation of Afghanistan and no removal of troops from Iraq; and so on.

Conclusion: As with your analysis of Citigroup's raising cc rates to 30% across the board, there is only one reasonable conclusion when all factors are considered:
    0. The U.S. Congress is NOT accountable to we the people and it is futile to hope for just response to the people's concerns
    1. The U.S. empire is intentionally being imploded (collapsed)
    2. Criminals are in charge, just as in the collapse of the Soviet empire in 1989 - 1991
    3. Laws are not being enforced, or are enforced in discriminatory fashion
    4. Different power groups and individuals are vying over the spoils
    5. No amount of petitioning or voting is going to change anything in the U.S.

One can then, after drawing the only reasonable and sane conclusion, proceed to the positive position of describing WHAT ONE CAN DO, while remaining 100% law abiding, in this collapse and abrogation scenario.

Best Regards,

george mcclure
Nashville TN

Letter to Phil Bredesen, Gov. State of TN
To: "Phil.Bredesen"

15 October 2009
Dear Phil:

Today I'm reading Karl Denninger's market-ticker article, "The MERShole Yawns Wide", concerning the State's right and obligation to protect its citizens, to whit to protect our citizens from unlawful loss of their mortgage properties, properties that were fraudulently transferred from lender to lender, resulting in loss on the part of the homeowner. I urge you to continue to protect we, the people, from Federal and private abuses. Thank you.

Best Regards,
george mcclure
Nashville TN

Here is the substance of Denninger's writing, with links:

The Market TickerCommentary On The Capital MarketsThursday, October 15. 2009
Posted by Karl Denninger in Corruption at 09:13 -

The MERShole Yawns Wide
We have a real judge! position=also

“The foreclosure sales (in question are) invalid because they failed to meet the requirements of (Massachusetts law),” Land Court Judge Keith Long wrote yesterday in reaffirming a decision he originally reached in March.

At issue is "lost" (or improperly endorsed) paperwork when mortgages are sold from party to party, as typically happens many times during a securitization process.

I have often argued that a lot of "lost" paperwork is in fact intentionally destroyed, as this is one of the few ways to cover up blatant fraud in the origination of mortgages - brokers putting the same application through with a half-dozen ever-higher "claimed" incomes, for example, until they get an approval. The original paperwork that is executed by the borrower, if it bears hand-written numbers that don't match the signature, could be a strong indicator of fraud committed by those brokers (and willingly ignored by securitizers.)

Judge Long wrote:

“The issues in this case are not merely . . . a matter of dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Instead, they lie at the heart of the protections given to homeowners and borrowers,”


Banks have long run roughshod over the law. Indeed, their so-called "profits" virtually demand it in this world of lies, deceit and outright fraud. In several states, including Florida, judges have been nothing more than handmaidens of these "enterprises", despite black-letter law in this state (and most others) that demand an unbroken chain of original, wet signatures in the assignment of interest.

If you can't produce the documents, by statute, you have no standing to foreclose.


As specifically stated:

"The statute's commands are clear, the plaintiffs' own securitization documents show that they knew of those requirements, and if they failed to follow them, the responsibility for the consequences is theirs.

The willful destruction, non-retention, or improper (or no) recording of these documents makes all such affected securitizations fraudulent, as they were sold off to investors as being "asset backed" when in fact they were not, as being "asset backed" requires compliance with state law in the perfection of the security interest. No security interest, no asset backing, and the offering prospectus is representing that which is known to be factually incorrect.

Most importantly all of the actors involved, including the securitizing banks, MERS and similar institutions, were aware at the outset that they did not comport with the laws of these states, and this knowing failure is given formal judicial recognition in this decision. The offering documents as cited in the decision make clear that for each such tendered mortgage into the pool either a validly-recorded interest or transfer in recordable form was required, and such was warranted to have taken place. It clearly, from the record, did not.

This elevates these omissions from "ministerial errors" to something far more serious, in that if you sell something to someone knowing you are not complying with the black letter of the law of the state in which you operate in every line of business - save one - you'd find yourself on the wrong end of a criminal complaint from the State Attorney General.

We need 50 Andrew Cuomos to bring criminal and civil charges, and we need them now. This is a legitimate State Law issue in that The States have an affirmative duty to enforce the laws that protect their citizens, and in this regard the law is black-letter.

Can we find a (state) cop somewhere?

Oh, and for extra credit, does anyone care to take a wager on how much of the so-called "Secured" MBS that The Fed has been monetizing also has no valid assignment and thus has NO collateral, and in the event of a default, is WORTHLESS?

(This clown wrote me back saying he forbade his children to take the flu shot - but they're good enough for YOU.)
Subject: Major HEALTH and Scientific ISSUES : Come join me at Affordable FLU shots for music professionals... on Nashville Music Pros
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 08:29:32 -0500
From: george mcclure
To: "Bret Teegarden" , cortney.bailey @ jjkj .com

your email is appalling. Not only are flu shots full of adjutants (poisons like mercury and glycene and propynol), they are 100% NOT PROVEN and not tested.

in the 1970's swine flu "outbreak", 20 people died as a result of the flu vaccines and three or four from the actual flu.

this flu is extremely mild and does not necessitate shots, even if they worked.

people in Europe are being maimed, immune systems destroyed, some paralyzed, from taking the flu vaccine.

over 40% of medical professionals (doctors and nurses) refuse to take the vaccine worldwide. In parts of Europe, it is 70% refusal. My pharmacist and NP and GP (doctors) will not take the vaccine.

Nashville writer and touring artist for the past nineteen years, I am a former NASA JSC Houston research scientist, and former Tennessee State University professor. Your urging people to take a known damaging and dangerous shot, for an extremely mild flu, is ETHICALLY POOR JUDGEMENT. People are getting sick from these shots. A simple google search on "flu vaccine dangers" will show ample reliable established sources.

You have a greater responsibility to society. I suggest you smarten up, spend a few minutes researching this, and come to a sound conclusion of your own. You are only hearing ONE SIDE of a for-profit argument on tv and mainstream media. You owe it to yourself, and your friends' children, to learn what everyone ELSE says, before you hurt people.

Best Regards,
george mcclure

On Wed, 30 Sep 2009 10:44:38 -0500 Bret Teegarden
>Nashville Music Pros:
>Bret Teegarden has invited you to the event 'Affordable FLU shots
>for music professionals...' on Nashville Music Pros!
>Check out "Affordable FLU shots for music professionals..." on
>Nashville Music Pros
>Bret Teegarden
>Time: October 15, 2009 from 2pm to 4pm
>Location: MusiCares
>Organized By: MusiCares:
>Event Description:
>Thursday, October 15th, from 2-4pm, MusiCares, in conjunction with

>Shots,Etc. will be offering FLU shots ($20), Vitamin B12
>injections ($20),
>Tetanus/Diphtheria boosters ($40), Pneumonia vaccinations ($45),
>and Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis vaccinations ($65)
>for the music industry and their families.
>(*Please note that we will not administer Flu vaccine to children
>under the age of five years; older children and adolescents must
>be accompanied by a responsible adult.)
>Payment by cash or check will be accepted.
>This service will be provided at
>1904 Wedgewood Avenue
>Nashville, TN 37212

RE Denninger's "How Far Does The Lawlessness Go?"
13 Sep 2009

I'm relieved - and gratified - that you've arrived at the conclusion (in your article "How Far Does The Lawlessness Go?" that I deduced almost a year and a half ago, and of which I wrote you 08 December 2008. The former government, or properly, the government of the former United States of America, has long since lost its moral imperative. That is, its moral and ethical imperative as a functioning government of, for, or by the people.

The logic you've followed is what prompted me to call Phil Bredeson's office last fall (governor TN) as well as to send countless calls and emails and forms to D.C. (the latter all 100% futile, of course.)

Old guys in NH and VT sat around last fall and wrote a secession from the Union. Bush/Cheney flew the US flag upside down at the White House twice, that I know about - the universal "nation in peril; country in fatal distress" signal. A year and a half ago, most major network newscasters moved offshore and the partially honest among them announced on TV "the United States is gone."

The federal government has abrogated its authority:
    Zionist Jew Wall Street investment banks are eating the auto, banking, financial, and commercial real estate sectors.
    Rockefeller/queen/Rothschilds control the money behind the Zionist Israeli powers.
    They are the CFR and WHO. Read their published agendas - they are actualizing almost all their plans now, and much is already done.

Yes, I'm a big picture guy. I also have extremely detailed analytical skills and am highly trained in multiple fields.

Denninger, I'm relieved to read your article. I think it's excellent. Welcome to the club, as it were.

george mcclure
Nashville TN

RE "The Next Big Thing: Neomedievalism" by Parag Khanna on itle/#comments
05 jun 09
Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert:

RE "The New Feudalism", please note the source (who wrote the article.) There are 6Billion of we the people, we who share values and desire an enriching life - and there are ~13 elite families who essentially control the wealth and resources. This is about to change in a dramatic way.

Everything addressed in this article derives from the elite's war-disaster capitalism machine. They are the only ones profiting by their genocidal policies. We are about to stop them, with the mind revolution. We're deciding to just stop, to cut them off.

The 13 families include perhaps 10,000 elite leutenants and no more than a million or so minions. They control, or controlled, the financial/economic system, main stream media (MSM), and governments/militaries. As we resume our control over our planet and idioenvirons (your personal house, yard, car, job, air, water, food), their control over us dissipates.

I urge a total re-examination of our precepts; as people, as spiritual beings, as members of our communities, and what, if any, allegiances we may have to "governments" and an elite whose values differ so markedly from ours. As the Empire America collapses, we have the opportunity to revolutionize our lives on this planet. Please examine the basis for zero point energy, growing your own food, and rejecting the global elite banking-genocide model of human existence. It's designed with only one objective. I urge we the people reject their out-moded system and allow a new system to come into existence, one more enriching for us.

It's time for us to learn to live in harmony. With everything.
- george mcclure
Nashville TN

I am worried, I am saddened to earthlasthope, 28 apr 2009
A year ago I realized my native country, with the principles I cherished from birth - freedom, individual liberty, justice, self reliance - was in imminent trouble. Today, I know our planet, my cherished Earth, our lovely home, the blue-green oblate spheroid in space, is in imminent danger of destruction by the same forces.

Bioengineered viruses, fraud, core corruption at the highest levels of government, zionist wars. It's the dissolution of the United States of America and North America, possibly of mankind on Earth.

I turn to my elders. I again seek to follow my old paths, the old ways, relearn the old lessons I discovered so many years ago. It brings me peace to rediscover the old truths of my life and existence. I study the Mayan prophecies, I listen to the Hopi elders. And I realize I am now an elder too.

When I visited Geronimo's graves in Medicine Park OK, paying homage, eagles gathered in a great layered circle above. I saw the Indian pony at his grave marker, I heard the soft native voices talking amongst themselves. I didn't want to touch the pony as I thought it may have been apparition!

I believe now that the eagles circling above, in layers, were the elders coming to look down on me. I believe now we are together. Now more than any time I must listen to my brothers, my sisters, the plants and trees and animals, the hills and mountains and lakes and rivers and streams, the wind and breezes and storms. Now is the time for us to tune into the beauty that creator, god, the great spirit, the force, has given us to love and care for, for a short time.

Now is the time for us to come together as a people, as a great group, and understand. Understand the sadness and pain around us, and understand our true place in the universe. We are man, we are not mind and body. We are spirit, we are soul, we are heart, body, and mind. I am made of five things, not one or two.

Come with me while we together rediscover the old lessons, the old ways, and walk the old trails. Come with me while we rediscover our true selves and abandon the untrue and false.

12 December 2008 (full moon)
Section 1. Short Title. This Act may be cited as ___________________.
Sec. 2. Purchases of Mortgage-Related Assets.

karl denninger,

you're spinning your wheels. we all called emailed wrote Congress, flooded them with "No" on the bailout bill. We all saw this coming. Since it has granted dictatorial powers to the Treasury and Fed Bank, there is no getting it back. (Note Paulson and Bernanke had meetings with Bush, king of the dictatorial power grabbers, before they perpetrated their coup d'etat?)

It was a coup d'etat of the US Government. There is absolutely no way contacting congress, our governors, or any other official will do any good. Congress IGNORED OVERWHELMING 99% OPPOSITION and passed the bailout bill anyway. They are joint perpetrators of the crime.

I can see the big picture. The undeniable big picture is Bush (PDD's) set up dictatorial powers for the Executive Branch. Drug money has been fueling Wall Street investment banks for decades, by very credible reports and factual evidence. The Federal government is BANKRUPT. The only way for them to self-sustain is to bankrupt us, the middle class, and turn U.S. into a second world nation (two classes, exactly like Mexico), stealing all the wealth for themselves.

This is what they're doing. Congress will not stop them.

There may be bigger more disgusting plans afoot - NWO, WTO, and so on. Research GMO's and WTO. Clinton signed the U.S. into the WTO. Their published, public, agenda is poisoned foods pervasively in the planet's supplies by December 2009. They are well into their eugenics program already. Here are some of the toxic metals and materials in our food supply: Aspartame (all soft drinks, gum, and sweetened foods - causes nerve degeneration, cancer); Flouride (toxic heavy metal acts as mercury - lowered IQ, death, loss of motor control, dna damage, cancer, lethargy); soy (in almost everything. GM soy causes sterility cancer and permanently modified dna in us) - AND SO ON. Flouride was added to the drinking water in Nazi death camps to keep the prisoners subdued.

The truth is, the world has discovered dozens and dozens of nearly-free ("zero point") energy sources for running houses, autos, and small factories, obviating the need for petro. Those few massively rich families (Queen, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, &c.) are in petro and its sister, bigpharma. They WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO MAINTAIN THEIR ILLUSION OF POWER - money and wealth! They actually have none, because real power is in the heart and soul (the kind you have), but they try to cling to the shreds they have.

Theirs is a way of life that is disappearing. They may try to shut down free speech and communications. They are well underway with global eugenics program to kill 80% of the human population. They are far into their plan of collapsing the U.S. economy and bankrupting the dollar. They may try to replace [the monetary system] with a cashless society so they can extract any taxes they want with impunity, who knows - but it's sure to be bad. The "carbon tax" and false environmental movement is just one way they want to essentially tax us for breathing, for drinking water, for eating, and so on. (All the sun's planets have been cooling, their polar caps growing back. Scientists abandoned the "global warming" hypothesis recently. There were no solar flares the month of August '08. Global warming is a myth and fraud perpetrated to try to collect more taxes from the masses. It is a medieval scheme.)

These are criminally insane people who have no boundaries. It's very simple to buy congress. They've been killing and jailing the inventors of nearly free energy sources for years. (Google "free energy" and "zero point energy".) They've been killing whistle blowers in the CIA, FBI, police forces for years.

Now that we are all learning the real truth, they find they can no longer stop the message from spreading. They know they are vulnerable, they are weak, and they are scared. Hence the planned implosion of the global economy NOW, while they still have a chance to clamp down. It's a race, their dictatorial methods and genocide against our knowledge and hearts, minds, love, and intelligence. They actually lack those qualities.

Peace be with you, denninger, as we approach this holiday season. Thank you for doing everything you have, and everything you do, for this cause. Many tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, follow your thoughts and ideas. Thank you from all of us.

Best Regards,
george mcclure, Nashville TN
fmr NASA JSC Research Scientist, Top Secret+
current small business owner and Producer

DATE: 13 November 2008
TO: President & CEO - Ramsey Popcorn Co., Inc. - 5645 Clover Valley Rd NW - Ramsey - IN - 47166
RE: Deleterious additives / fats in Cousin Willie's Microwave Popcorn

I purcased two boxes of 94% Fat Free Cousin Willie's Microwave Popcorn 12 November 2008, at the local Kroger store. I have eaten Cousin Willie's Fat Free Microwave Popcorn for four years.

I popped a bag on the 12'th. Immediately on opening the popped bag I smelled an unusual odor, and on eating the popcorn noticed the same bad taste in the food. The odor and taste was somehow reminiscent of a garage or oil or grease.

I ate half a bag before deciding to trust my instincts telling me not to eat that stuff, it was bad! It is now 16 hours after consumption and I still exhibit gas, cramps, and dizziness. I read that eating more of your "salatrim" laced food creates diarrhea and vomiting. Thank god I didn't eat the whole bag of your popcorn.

I looked up "salatrim" and read that the undigestible oil is used to claim foods are "Fat Free" when in reality adding salatrim, or triglycerides, to our food is not making "Fat Free" food, but is only substituting an undigestible fat for normal digestible beneficial fats. (Lower quantities of normal fats would be "Fat Free" or "Reduced Fat".) What you are doing is akin to adding cellulose and claiming the food is "low calorie".

>>The Council said that excessive consumption of the ingredient could lead to gastro-intestinal problems and stomach trouble, and reports in the Danish press have claimed that it is particularly harmful to children.
>> -Salatrim-despite-bad-press

>>In 1994, after minimal testing in humans, manufacturer Nabisco unilaterally declared salatrim safe to eat. But before you rush out to fill your cupboard, consider this: In Nabisco's own studies, people who ate even the smallest amount of salatrim tested (30 grams a day -- the equivalent of six 1.5-ounce packs of Raisin Dips) had significantly higher rates of nausea and cramps than people who were given a (lookalike but salatrim-free) placebo.

>>Salatrim is not as easily absorbed as other fats. This is because the main long chain fatty acid in it is stearic acid which by itself is less well absorbed than others, and because it is even less well absorbed when combined with short chain organic acids like acetic (with 2 carbons), propionic (with 3 carbons), and butyric (with 4 carbons) acids. The available calories from Salatrim are only 55% of those from normal fats.

Your food product made me sick, and I am still suffering 16 hours after ingestion. There is no warning label on your package indicating "May cause abdominal discomfort, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, or dizziness." There is no warning that "This food product may be particularly harmful to children."

Marketing your food product is irresponsible and negligent. I expect immediate corrective action on your part. I am confident that legal action in this case, should it be called for, will be a pleasant - and successful - exercise.

Best Regards,

A note from George McClure 13 October 2008
Some of you know as a youth of thirteen or fourteen I received a gift when the spirit deer came to me, staying with me many days. This is not an isolated experience in my life.

At first when I understood the challenges - and horrors - confronting us and coming our way, I was fused with an urgency to warn people, to wake them up, and I wrote to you, posting articles and references to spread the word. In a sense, I followed an old familiar road - Truth: confronting the horror of the situation; Action: trying to make it better; Understanding: going to a deeper level; Love: is creation is god is life.

I have achieved understanding. We are all on the familiar road, living in a very special time. You may have noticed changes are accelerating. There will be trials and loss as the final contests are played out, redemption for some.

Every person on this earth will be asked to make a decision soon. Knowledge is important. Stay clear. Be skeptical of corporate controlled media, the air, the water, and processed food.

Here is a peek at things: To 28 October 2011 (12 December 2012) is our road. And here are truth arrows for you to follow.

Autobiography - george
Todos somos dios,
It's been a pleasure serving you all,
    - george mcclure

Open letter to the public - 28 September 2008
A personal note from George McClure
    I'd like to speak to our customers and clients, to my friends, colleagues, and to my fans from my years touring. Those who know me, know I am an outspoken critic and often hold everyone to high standards - in professional conduct, ethics, and personal values - and I hold our nation's representatives similarly.
    Our old country is fast slipping into dictatorial control, the dollar will soon be valueless, and we will witness profound changes in the coming weeks and months. Here at McTrow Ltd, our outbound email has been blocked; access to our own internet server blocked; and our server's harddrive was switched out Wednesday night, most likely by FEMA/DHS, although it really doesn't matter. These acts of terrorism and censorship are shades of what is approaching for all of us.
    We can only hope that it will be an easy unwinding and speedy recovery without undue violence to you or your families. We can function without banks and we can function without currency. We can rebuild ourselves, from the ground up. It's time to pay attention and figure things out for yourself. I personally urge peaceful noncompliance. Cut them off. They don't listen to us anyway. Beware the water, the air, vaccines, and television. Refuse the chip and the ID. If you take the Amero, you accept the North American Union and the death of the Constitution and the United States of America. Godspeed.
    "I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
    alive as you and me
    says I to Joe, you're ten years dead
    I never died said he, I never died said he."

I guess I'm really saying goodbye to our republic and our freedom. Bless you every one, and thanks again for being part of McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd and my life. It was a good, but abbreviated, run.
        - george mcclure

TO: Speaker Nancy Pelosi
RE: "Emergency" Bailout Vote

Pelosi, you are a national disgrace, a bigger national disgrace than George Bush in 2003 invading Iraq on false pretenses, lies, and fraud. You, Pelosi, sold your country, your mother, your neighborhood, your relatives, your children (if you have any), everyone in America, down the river for your own personal gain.

We know. Unfortunately for you, we are all not so stupid as the biased major media polls indicate.

Your single act of treason in defying the overwhelming will (99.8% of callers to many Senate offices) of the citizens will cost you very dearly. I feel sorry for you. You have lost your soul.

I have less respect for you than I had for George Bush in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and now in 2008. You, madam, are a piece of detritus. Please clean yourself up - you are a mess.

My very best regards,
fmr NASA JSC Research Scientist
current small business owner, Nashville TN

Letter to Congressmen and Representatives, 22 September '08

You are my and our elected official. You have a moral and ethical and legal obligation to protect the U.S. Constitution and abide by its laws.

You MUST stop the Paulson plan bill. The ONLY reason for a six-month moratorium on judicial review and recourse is a power grab. These men are corrupt criminals. I instruct you to BLOCK THIS BILL - VOTE NO on Paulson Plan.

Henry Paulson is about to be given a blank check and unreasonable power to seize companies and assets, and let lucrative "consulting" contracts to his corrupt buddies, IN ANY WAY HE CHOOSES, INCLUDING BUYING THE WORST LOANS THERE ARE AND STICKING A ONE HUNDRED PERCENT LOSS, $700+ BILLION WORTH, ON OUR TAX BILL.
A huge percentage of the debt issued by Freddie and Fannie and Wall Street investment banks - about $1.5 trillion worth - is held by foreign central banks. Paulson is proposing to bail out the Chinese and Japanese governments with our tax money! Paulson SAYS he will "protect the taxpayer."

Please note, dear Congressman, that these fascists will come after YOU next. Not me; I just want to build my company in peace. Them. What makes you think they won't do the same to you? They assuredly will.

VOTE AGAINST PAULSON'S PLAN AND ALL GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS. LET THE SYSTEM SELF-CORRECT. You are throwing the country to fascist rulers. There are cogent, reasonable solutions to restructuring the financial system. Collapse is NOT a given. Fascist takeover is NOT a requirement, it is only what the criminally corrupt few want.

Please note, you kids have been getting out of control; we can cut you off. Without us, you have no money!

Subject: Moral and ethical obligations
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 17:51:12 -0500

Dear Dave,
I'd like to start to by telling you the respect I have for your honesty and direct approach in helping people solve their financial issues and reach their financial goals.

Listening to a bit of today's live broadcast, however, I am compelled to insist that you research the current financial situation in a little more depth. You have a moral and ethical obligation to purvey accurate and honest truth to the American public. Last week I heard you on your radio show saying "Lehman Bros is taken over by Bank of America". I was shocked, as BOA took over another company, not Lehman. I happened to be watching the TV news channel when they had your clip coming on - they muted the sound so you wouldn't repeat your blunder on their program.

Then today I listened to you tell listeners that the situation is "over reported" and essentially we are watching sensationalist reporting. This is not true. We are, and have been, watching underreporting of financial system news for a long time. And, more alarming, I heard you quoting "We are not in a recession" when all experts who read the GAO's documents agree the federal government cooks the books so they can proclaim we're not in a recession and inflation is 1.5%.

We all know the government figures for CPI inflation are cooked as they don't count energy (gasoline, heating oil) and food in their equation. You have a moral obligation to look into the figures on "recession" and "unemployment" in the same way. The formulas and papers are publicly available and are online. David Walker, the former chief accountant of the United States, toured for a year speaking on these things.

I demand an on-air rescinding of your mistaken and misleading announcements about the strength of the U.S. financial system; I demand you research the government formulas for "unemployment", "recession", and "consumer price index", and deliver on-air statements of what they really mean and how the government figures may be misleading. I demand that you request your listeners to forgive your oversight. Anyone can make a mistake and I forgive you - as long as you correct it.

I look forward to your continuing leadership as we enter a troubling time.

Best Regards,
george mcclure, President & CEO
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd

DATE: 02 September 2008
TO: Steve Elliott, Pres. Alliance
FROM: george mcclure
Not to be too blunt, but did you notice that Bush pardoned himself, in advance, for crimes he has and presumably will, commit?

Did you note the 27 Directives signed into law, making the Presidency a dictatorship? Did you notice Keith Olbermann calling "Mr. Bush, you are a fascist" multiple times on his show "Countdown"?

Did you notice Rumsfeld left office to assume the presidency of the largest bio-engineering and vaccine company in the world (Monsanto), who was subsequently given orders for 37M flu vaccines by FEMA, and 65M by the World Health Organization (WHO)? Did you notice that the biggest military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan is Halliburton, of which VP Cheney was CEO until he took office in the Bush regime?

Have you noticed the repeal of our 4'th Amendment rights? The ignoring of our 5'th, 1'st, and 4'th Amendment rights at the DNC and RNC's? Have you noticed that 92% of FEMA's billion dollar budget (our tax dollars) is blackbox and domestic?

Did you notice the secret illegal meetings between the Executive and Administrative Branches of government? The secret meeting (leaked of Congress and the President where, it is said, Bush told Congress if they didn't go along with everything he wants, he will stage a terrorist attack on the U.S. and declare martial law and cancel the November elections?

Respectfully, I think I will focus on more important things; our Constitution is nearly dead under a fascist dictatorship. We are facing imminent financial collapse, followed by, or accompanied by, the imposition of martial law. Please google "FEMA camps". Encounter the reality of our situation. Then act like me.

Best Regards,
george , True Patriot

PRESS RELEASE: Irrational Criminals Are In Charge Of The Federal Government
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 00:05:15 -0700 (PDT)

Irrational criminals are in charge of the Federal Government.

Rumsfeld left D.C. to assume the presidency of the largest genetic engineering and bio-agent producer on the planet, Monsanto. The former president of Halliburton is the current vice president of the United States, and Halliburton is the biggest military/supply contractor in Iraq and Afganistan. Karl Rove is under indictment and subpoena by the Congress and refuses to appear. His grandfather was a Nazi, and Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush helped Hitler rise to power

The criminal regime has bankrupted the country (the Iraq war costs $12B per month.) They gave $300B of taxpayer money (middle class money) to Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros, and the rest. Now these companies are buying up bankrupted county and metro governments, bridges, and highway infrastructure across the U.S. - with OUR money.

The corruption is miles deep. The wars Bush is stirring up with Russia and Iran are prevarications to cover the fact that his criminal regime has bankrupted America. Other, more sane, world powers and banks like the ECB are working desperately to slow the financial crash. So far it's been like a toboggan ride in deep fluffy snow: You know you are going down hill at an unsafe speed, and it's kind of in slow motion. You can be hurt badly if you hit something and stop suddenly though!

NYC is in millions of dollars of lawsuits for arresting legal protestors wrongly, and confining them inhumanely on basically false charges. At the RNC and DNC conventions legal protestors have been shackled and handcuffed. Beware the prevocateurs ("Anarchists") who are actually there to create violence and a false reason for arresting innocent protestors.

Also beware the U.S. press - it is no longer impartially reporting news. All the major networks are owned by three or four individuals and corporations, and just like Halliburton and Cheney, they are one with government.

Keith Olbermann said, "Mr. Bush you are a fascist!" on his 'Countdown' news report several times. The dictionary definition of fascism is the joining of government and corporate power, usurping the people for the financial gain of the gov-corp's.

11/12'ths (92%) of FEMA's budget is blackbox. As you know, the dikes around New Orleans are still only good for Cat 2 storm protection, as they were before Katrina. Where's all the money going? OUR money. Do a google search on "FEMA camps" and "NWO SPP".

. WaMu has written down losses of $170M in defaulted credit card debt. Their bad real estate loans are in the Billions.

. The Trans-Texas Corridor, the first leg of the NAU development, was defeated by citizens in southeast Texas. They're trying to build a 1/5 mile-wide corridor from Mexico to Canada, built by a Spanish company which will collect tolls for 50 years. They're trying to take land from farmers, homeowners, and businesses under eminent domain. This with our bridge and road infrastructure falling apart.

. The ECB injected $51B to help keep the U.S. from financial collapse last month, mostly to slow the collapse of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the two insolvent mortgage institutions that back most of the U.S.'s home loans. This is the slow toboggan ride collapse.

. The U.S. has borrowed eleven times its annual income (GDP, basically.) David Walker, former Comptroller General of the U.S., toured for a year telling everyone this.

. We are not getting truth in reporting in the United States. TRUTH: The U.S. and Israel launched the Georgian attack on its own people, and Russia came in to protest the innocent civilians. Don't believe me, research it yourself. google it or click the youtube link to watch broadcasts and interviews.

. TRUTH: There is no threat of nuclear devices from Iran. There was no threat of nuclear devices from Iraq. There is no threat from Russia. Iran is enriching uranium to 3.5% which is for running electric plants. Bombs require over 95% enriched uranium, and Iran is not doing this.

. TRUTH: The entire world knows that starting wars with Iran and Russia is irrational. There is a criminal regime in power in Washington D.C. Stop them now. You are our elected officials. Stop the dissolution of our country, of the United States of America, now. Stop it by telling the TRUTH.

. TRUTH: FEMA ordered 37M doses of avian flu vaccine from Rumsfeld's company, and the World Health WHC ordered 60M doses. It's difficult to develop a vaccine against a yet unknown virus.

. TRUTH: 20% of U.S. high school graduates can't find the U.S. on a world map.
. TRUTH: 20% (one out of five) U.S. citizens is chronically on mood levelers, antidepressants, and psychotropic drugs.
. TRUTH: Flouride is a poison and is in all our water systems at toxic levels. It lowers the IQ of children and adults.
http:// and http://
. TRUTH: Child vaccines are killing and maiming unprecedented numbers of babies and children. Government vaccines are causing retardation, autism, and death.
. TRUTH: We are in danger of losing the country to martial law, another prevarication by the Bush regime to cover up the financial collapse of the U.S. economy.

We hold you accountable. Restore the 4'th Amendment - the right to freedom from warrantless search, seizure, and surveillance. Uphold the 1'st Amendment - the right to freely assemble and freedom of speech. Uphold the 5'th Amendment - the right to due process and freedom from indefinite imprisonment.

Best Respects,
GM, True Patriot
Nashville TN

DATE: 02 September 2008
TO: Steve Elliott, Pres. Alliance
FROM: george mcclure
Not to be too blunt, but did you notice that Bush pardoned himself, in advance, for crimes he has and presumably will, commit?

Did you note the 27 Directives signed into law, making the Presidency a dictatorship? Did you notice Keith Olbermann calling "Mr. Bush, you are a fascist" multiple times on his show "Countdown"?

Did you notice Rumsfeld left office to assume the presidency of the largest bio-engineering and vaccine company in the world (Monsanto), who was subsequently given orders for 37M flu vaccines by FEMA, and 65M by the World Health Organization (WHO)? Did you notice that the biggest military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan is Halliburton, of which VP Cheney was CEO until he took office in the Bush regime?

Have you noticed the repeal of our 4'th Amendment rights? The ignoring of our 5'th, 1'st, and 4'th Amendment rights at the DNC and RNC's? Have you noticed that 11/12 of FEMA's billion dollar budget (our tax dollars) is blackbox and domestic?

Did you notice the secret illegal meetings between the Executive and Administrative Branches of government? The secret meeting (leaked of Congress and the President where, it is said, Bush told Congress if they didn't go along with everything he wants, he will stage a terrorist attack on the U.S. and declare martial law and cancel the November elections?

Respectfully, I think I will focus on more important things; our Constitution is nearly dead under a fascist dictatorship. We are facing imminent financial collapse, followed by, or accompanied by, the imposition of martial law. Please google "FEMA camps". Encounter the reality of our situation. Then act like me.

Best Regards,
GM, True Patriot
In response to: From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

Letter to Cindy Sheehan, 27 August '08
You're missing (most of) the point. Pay attention and win this election:

a.) Parties DON'T matter. Nobody cares. It's about truth.
b.) Stop wars, exit Iraq NOW.
c.) Close border with Mexico, protect USA sovereignity NOW.
d.) Reverse Bush's over 20 Directives that have abridged and invalidated the Constitution.
e.) Educate the public via major network TV, RE the financial meltdown and how to prepare for it.

NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. None of the small stuff matters, only these points above. Restore our Constituion, civil liberties, freedoms, and information. Oust the criminals in office now - Pelosi, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Bernanke, Paulson, and all the rest. Please note: Karl Rove is STILL thumbing his nose at the Congressional subpoena and indictment. Get rid of the criminals or we will do it for you.
Best Regards,
george mcclure, Nashville TN
1979-1984 musician/writer, 1984-1991 Top Secret NASA JSC research scientist, 1991-present writer/showman/producer

May 23, 2008 - It’s Not an Oil Crisis, It’s a Dollar Crisis
[fr. Peter Schiff,,
It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court, in its ruling this week that U.S. currency is unfair to the blind, did not make the next logical step and declare it unfair to everyone who buys gasoline.

In their search for explanations as to why oil has surged past $130 per barrel, Washington, Wall Street, and the financial media are as clueless as cavemen after a freak summer snow storm. Despite the head scratching, the blame game is nevertheless in full force. Speculators and big oil companies are being trotted out as scapegoats, and increased margin requirements and taxes on windfall profits and futures trading have been mentioned as appropriate sanctions. In fact, this week the House of Representatives overwhelming approved a bill to sue OPEC for violating U.S. anti trust laws. It should be clear that all of this is pure farce, and that no one understands what is actually happening.

The reality is that after years of reckless consumption and dollar debasement, Americans are now being priced out of markets over which they formerly held unchallenged title. As more affluent foreigners consume more of the resources and products they previously supplied to us, Americans are being forced to cut back. The rising dollar-based price of gasoline is simply an illustration of this global trend.

Poorly concealed behind contrived government statistics, the signs of America’s falling standard of living are everywhere; all one has to do is look. We are unloading SUVs for less desirable compacts, and are paying more to fly on crowded planes (where we pay to check luggage and dine only on what we bring onboard). We drink our lattes at McDonalds or not at all, and we increasingly forego dining out, trips to the mall, and vacations, just so we can scrape together enough to fill our gas tanks and kitchen pantries, pay taxes and insurance, or make credit card, mortgage or car payments.

The collective belt tightening is simply the down payment on the Government’s massive bailout of Wall Street investment banks and mortgage lenders. As the Fed creates money to buy bad mortgages and other shaky securities held by banks and brokerage firms, the value of the savings and wages of everyone on Main Street will continue to fall. As a result, the costs of products previously taken for granted have begun to bite.

The various housing bills and stimulus packages now passing through Congress will add significantly to the staggering final price tag. In the end, the “free lunch” currently being dished out by Washington will be the most expensive meal ever served. The cost will be borne by ordinary American citizens every time they open their wallets. Four dollar gasoline is just the beginning.

For all the talk of increased global demand, few seem to understand from [whence] it actually comes. The surge in global demand is both a function of the increased purchasing power of foreign currencies and the fact that foreigners are choosing to spend more of their incomes themselves. In other words Greenspan’s famous “global savings glut” is turning into a global consumption binge, with Americans unable to crash the party. This trend will only get worse as the dollar-denominated price of just about everything that is either imported, or capable of being exported, goes through the roof.

We can look for scapegoats all we want but the [simple] fact is Americans are going to have to get used to a much lower standard of living. Those who have been putting all the food on our tables are finally pulling up chairs themselves.
[fr. Peter Schiff,,

15 Feb '08
Petitioneers, Superdelegates:

What matters most to me is personal freedom. I have, in the last seven years of Cheney and Bush, seen more loss of all fundamental freedoms in the United States than ever before. We've seen the corruption of the voting system; we've seen abridgement of the Geneva Conventions; we've seen Constitutional rights reversed with legal spying on U.S. citizens in wire taps, internet taps, and illegal home invasion without a search warrant. We've seen corporate profiteering escalate to a level where it breaks federal statutes and permeates every level of society from Katrina contractors to Iraq BlackWater. We've seen the borders opened and the bankrupting of America. We've seen China buyi up real estate, mortgages, banks, and businesses at an alarming rate. We've seen the devaluation of the US dollar to a dismal 19'th in the world market. We're seeing America turned into a third world, two class country, before our very eyes. We've seen the 1999 balanced-budget United States with no debt morph into the 2008 bankrupted America where there is over $32,000.00 of federal debt for every U.S. citizen.

In seven short years, Bush and Cheney turned the United States into George Orwell's prophecy of 1984.

I am sick. I am disgusted. I am beyond thinking anything can realistically be recovered. If there is ANY hope for fundamental change, it is Obama and justice in this one simple Democratic race. The only acceptable action is to cast your vote with the will of the people; with the majority populace. We know what we want, and we are (or used to be) the United States. Don't let Hillary Clinton power her way to a sure-fire failure in the general presidential election. Clinton will not beat McCain in the general election; only Obama can win.

My very best regards,
george mcclure
Nashville TN

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 22:15:37 -0600
From: ""

Thank you. Thank you for winning [SC Primary], thank you for telling the story of the lady mailing $3.01, thank you for telling the truth and being a true American leader.

The Kennedys and others are endorsing you for a reason - Two reasons: (1) you're a winner and (2) you share everyone's ideals and objectives.

TELL THE TRUTH. Here are some ideas:

Billary are playing dirty. Give some back:





Best Regards,
george mcclure, Nashville TN

28 Nov '07 Nashville TN 

Dear Chris
I don't understand why a man with your comprehension abilities cannot see the obvious 
truths in U.S. news and politics.  Europeans and Asians have no problem seeing things as 
they are.  You seem to have an integral core, and I am asking you to demonstrate more 
integrity in giving your honest interpretations and assesments instead of reading scripts 
and pandering to the (other) powers that be.  

Without fundamentally honest news reporting, we are lost. 

It's very interesting to me - and telling - that as soon as I started replying to all political 
email (especially democratic candidates) with the below 3 items, all but one of them have 

Apparently no one but Kucinich and Ron Paul want to hear and purvey the truth. 

The outright ignoring (ignorance) of the border issue by Washington and the White 
House belies a fundamental truth.  This truth is that the very first act Bush performed as 
president was fly to Canada and sign the AFTRA agreement, unifying the Western 
Hemisphere.  It was reported on major network news (two summers ago) that Bush was 
in Argentina buying ranch property. 

Following the money trail in the Iraq "war" leads to these factual observations:  The war 
moved Billions of dollars from the general public to petro companies and contractors like 
Bechtel and Halliburton. 

Putting the picture together:  Refusal to close borders, refusal to regulate illegal 
immigration, no change in minimum wage for over 10 years (federal minimum wage is 
still poverty scale $5.15/hr), spending billions in Iraq with no on the ground security 
(militia) remaining in the U.S., total failure to bail out Katrina victims and recover New 

Conclusion:  Bush, AFTRA, and the Federal Government are BANKRUPTING 
AMERICA.  They are turning the U.S.A. into a functional two-class society, third world 
(the under class) and upper class.   Following the money trail always yields the truth.

The ONLY THREE THINGS that matter to citizens in this Presidential election: 

1.  End war in Iraq - exit Iraq - immediately. 
2.  Stop illegal immigration / solve border problem - immediately. 
3.  Health care for every U.S. citizen. 

Hillary is only doing ONE of these three (guess who I'm not voting for?)  Obama MAY 
do all three.  Richardson will do TWO of the three. 

Guess who is getting my vote, and 75% of US votes? 

Best Regards, 
george mcclure, Nashville TN 
fmr NASA Houston top secret SBSI SCI computer research scientist

[06 Oct '07] (fr. Letter to Bill Richardson)
I think you're the best, and I know you're best for our country and the presidency. I donated to your campaign and will continue to support you.

You have the experience and level-headed approach in Foreign experience, you're the BEST on border control & immigration issues, and you're for the people, not big corporations - at least now. And you promise to remove all troops from Iraq immediately. Keep it that way - we'll support you.

HERE ARE THE THINGS THAT MATTER THE MOST TO ME, a representative voter and citizen!

1. RUN TV ADS. They work. They work SO well that Bush got on national TV to attack them. DO IT.

  i. End Iraq war immediately
  ii. Close borders / fix immigration problem
  iii. Guaranteed health care for every US citizen immediately.

Please get the message to the Dem Party - they seem to think voters care about hundreds of tangential issues. We don't. These three issues WILL DECIDE THE '08 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Best Regards,
GM, Nashville TN

Women of America, DO YOUR DUTY !! [author unknown]
We all know that it is a sin for an Islamic male to see any woman other than his wife naked, and that if he follows the rigid doctrine of the Koran, he must commit suicide if he does. So next Sunday at 4:00 PM Eastern time, all American Women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists.

Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort. All men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their house to prove they are not terrorists, and to demonstrate that they think it's okay to see nude women, other than their wife and to show support for all our Patriotic American Women.

And since the Koran also does not approve of alcohol, a cold six-pack at your side, or Martini is good too, is further proof of your anti-terrorist sentiment.

The American Government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti terrorist activity. I'm sure even George Bush would say, "God bless America and GOD BLESS AMERICAN WOMEN!"


INTERVIEW: "FrogDaddy Talks With George McClure"
Interview on

FrogDaddy considered himself a lucky dude on the night of March 10, 2005 when he got an e-mail from someone calling themselves George McClure. I thought to myself ... yeah sure ... right, like George is going to write to "me" about our website.

FrogDaddy considered himself a lucky dude on the night of March 10, 2005 when he got an e-mail from someone calling themselves George McClure. I thought to myself ... yeah sure ... right, like George is going to write to "me" about our website.

Those of you that know FrogDaddy are aware that I have pretty good knowledge of country music. After-all, my brothers have had a country band of one kind or another for the last 35 years. They've played all the big houses including the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tenn. So, I'm no stranger to Country Music.

To make make a long story short, after flipping several emails back and forth, I find that George and I have several common interests and that he'd love to do an interview for!

After studying Georges websites and several more emails I realized there was a whole lot more to George McClure than his famous song "I Made Love to an Alien Last Night" (Alien Love) .... I mean a whole lot more. There aren't enough bytes on AlienLoves servers to tell you all about George McClure, his music, his life, his interests and his political views. But at the end of the interview I have listed his websites and business interests, and highly recommend that you investigate him. He is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting, peaceful, and loving people I've ever met.

FrogDaddy: Tell me George, what do you call yourself? ... a musician, songwriter, performer ... all of the above?

George: "George", usually; also "beautiful" and "handsome."[smile]. I'm a writer, and producer, showman, singer and musician as well. In terms of income, i'm a producer and entrepreneur, but all successful music people are entrepreneurial.

I toured and played for a living two periods in my life; five years in from 1979 to 1983, and eight years in Nashville through about 2001.

I transposed Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in Am for acoustic ensembles, I've written two books and a musical, and I've written hundreds and hundreds of songs.

FrogDaddy: Well what made you want to be all those things :-)

George: I was exposed to a great depth and array of classical music as a child. I was taken out of school to attend symphonies and concerts on a regular basis.

In my first year of college, a friend forced me to go to an Earl Scruggs Review concert with him and a group of friends. It revolutionized my life. I never saw anything like it before or since. All I could think of was "banjos" after that, and about a year later I bought my first one and started learning with the Pete Seeger book.

Two and a half years later I was playing for a living. The coupling of my extensive ear training in childhood with diving very very deeply into a few genres of music as a musician and writer and performer, has given me depth and vision as a producer. It's a natural progression with my talent set, I think.

FrogDaddy: Would you summarize your music for me? What's it all about?

George: It's about me and it's about life.

Frog, I've played and sung and written many forms of music. I write Latin jazz (Romantico) now, in Spanish. I played and wrote bluegrass and country from the very beginning, and experimented with jazz and neo-classical too. I've written and recorded blues, and funny songs, and childrens ditties.

I got very deeply involved with cowjazz (Western swing) touring, and still play it. The TexMex led into Romantico. I aculturated with the native sounds of Sonora, Ranchero, ranch & country, bluegrass, Western swing jazz, Apache and Tohono O'odom, Mariachi, and so on. I would say my music is rooted in the depths of mankind.

I've studied songs historically, for example ancient Apache songs and dances rooted back 5,000 years, and I've traced songs back across the ocean to the British Isles to sources dating back three and four hundred years (and more), in some cases. I'm convinced tunes like "Temperance Reel" are a thousand or more years old.

Nashville players have said about me "He has a way of making every song his own" [Billy Rose] and "You're a true original" [Britt Savage]. I'm a stylist, playing all the songs my way.

FrogDaddy: Hey George, tell us here at AlienLove, what's "I Made Love to an Alien Last Night" (Alien Love) really about? [big smile]

George: That's a funny question ... It's about different things to different people, I suppose. Kids seem to like it. I was watching a 60-minute pseudo-documentary on aliens and the Roswell Incident, around 1995. They said in the program that one of four Americans claims to have been abducted or molested by space aliens. I wrote the song "I Made Love To An Alien Last Night" right then. I actually wrote it on banjo.

FrogDaddy: That's amazing that you can do that George. But I guess thats how some things come to artists ... just all of sudden, wham! it's there. Did you ever do anything except music?

George: No. Oh, I spent eight years in computers and math, culminating in artificial intelligence research for the Space Station Program at Johnson Space Center, Houston. I left there August 1991 to return to my first career, music.

FrogDaddy: OK George, people always want to know, what's your favorite song or songwriter?

George: Very complex question. [smile] In country, Merle Haggard and the Carter Family (the latter collectors, of course.) In pop, Rogers & Hammerstein. R&B, Ray Charles. Ray Charles' "Hit The Road Jack" was and is a driving force in my life like no other, perhaps equalled by the Supremes. Roger Miller's "King Of The Road" effected me similarly. (I heard these few snatches of popular song on the radio as a young boy.)

"Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" (Selena), "Amazing Grace" (John Newton), "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Ian McCall), "Pieces Of You" (Jewel), "I Will Always Love You" (Dolly Parton)

FrogDaddy: Lot's of influences hey George, :-) ... here's a question from our membership. We are all avid readers here at What kind of books do you read?

George: I have very little time for pleasure reading now, but when i do, it is usually history of Arizona/Sonora and native american things. In work, I read about the music business, and have a small reference library.

I read voluminously as a boy, up to five and seven books a week, and I have a $200,000.00 library. I've read many of my books two and three times over.

FrogDaddy: Who/What do you think has been the most important person or event in your life?

George: Man ... You go for the tough ones, don't you? [smile]

FrogDaddy: Ha ha ha ... OK George how about this one, Are you helping underlings/wannabe's/young people (musicians etc.) develop themselves?

George: Yes, I like to take time to help others. We give the Trowbridge Youth Achievement Award every year, to a deserving youth or child. I give extra personal time to any young person whose parent or parents come with them to learn.

I give back to my community as well. On Christmas Day I gather (or buy) candy and food and clothes, and with some friends, deliver to the people living on the streets and byways.

FrogDaddy: Do you feel pressure/stress in your work?

George: Rarely. It's mostly a time thing. You have to be able to manage certain types of stress very well to be an independent in the music business. I basically love those stresses, they keep my feeling alive, so I like it.

FrogDaddy: Can you talk about your latest project?

George: We are releasing a country single by Gus Rhein; recording a soul gospel single to release in May, by Debbie Tucker; and starting on a 15-song album - video project for Jacqui Watson.

The Gus Rhein single is part of the Band of Writers series on JIP Records (Just Iss Planetary Records) and the Jacqui Watson record will release on Artist Choice CD later this year.

You can watch for these releases on Tower Records, GAC, iTunes, and Ask for them in your favorite record store.

FrogDaddy: George, we ask this question of all our guests and there are no exceptions [smile] .... Have you ever had any unusual or paranormal experiences in your travels?

George: Yes. I called the spirit deer out of the woods to me as a boy. She came to me and stood by me, a wild white tailed doe. I charmed the wild grouse and walked up to it and felt its wildly beating heart.

I had an astral projection at about nineteen years of age, shooting out over the West and looking down on the Rockies, from Canada to the Southwest. This happened when I was awake. (Later I hitchiked the route, from Fairbanks to Tucson.)

In more recent years, twenty eagles circled overhead while I and my friend Danny visited Geronimo's Grave in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. I saw the spirit pony at his grave. I believe this could have been a vision.

I have witnessed amazingly strange phenomena in Texas, near the military ranges. I assume they were Harriers hazing me. The Roswell Daily Record reporter who wrote about the Roswell Incident is a friend of mine.

When I was about nine, I was fishing on a creek with my father and we witnessed a fireball fall out of the sky. It was so huge and close, I was convinced it landed in our valley. I was also convinced it was something like "The War Of The Worlds" [HG Wells]. I suppose it was a close meteorite. It was fantastic!

I have a PhD physicist friend who worked Los Alamos as a research scientist. It was all very top secret so he couldn't tell me anything specific, but one day he came back and said "I saw IT" with this huge awe. I said "What?" and he said "I saw IT". Well, you and I probably both know what it was he saw. I was also top secret clearance at one point in my computer career.

FrogDaddy: Wow ... that was intense ... how about 2 more quick questions? Do you feel that you are 'political' - in your music or in other ways?

George: I don't feel my music is political, however I write op-ed pieces and press releases on major issues that I feel profoundly. Being a public persona, expressing political views can be a detriment to business, so I try to keep relatively low key in political matters now.

I write to my representatives regularly to let them know how I feel about various issues however. I am passionate about freedom in every form.

FrogDaddy: Last question George [smile] ...How do you feel about the direction American is heading?

George: You're free to read some of my letters and press releases on it's all there [smile]

FrogDaddy: George .. I want to thank you personally, and, from our readers and guests on You are a true gentleman and made it a pleasure to talk to you, and get to know you at a deeper level then just hearing your music. Exposing an inner piece of yourself to the public is not always an easy thing to do, and I want you to know we appreciate the time you took from your busy life to allow us a clearer and more educated view of the inside of your world. We wish you and yours the absolute best, and continued success in whatever you do. If there's ever anything can do for you or anyone in your circle ... just let us know, AlienLove will be there for you. Thank You.

ps... "you're right George, kids do like that song!"

[To my sister Dani]
for the rest of it, my first visit to Geronimo's graves (even though they say he was exhumed and taken somewhere north for reburial):

it was on a tour, i had danny with me (a Cherokee from georgia - fiddle/mando). we both wanted to stop at G's grave while we were in the Medicine Park area. We spent several hours trying to find him on the military park, and finally did.

We paid homage, took a few pics, and the boys wandered off somewhere. I wanted to touch my spirit so strolled down the line of graves, slowly passing Geronimo's, and down to the end and on a little path beyond. the flies were buzzing a little, it would be very hot later in the day (90's).

I heard the sounds of a truck gate and soft native voices, and i kept moving slowly away. I intentionally didn't turn or look, i felt it was an amrican thing going on, and i didn't want to disturb them.

I stood and waited, faced away. Eventually i heard a truck drive away, and after about ten minutes more or so, i turned and moved slowly back. My eyes popped out of my head, as i saw a pony, with a brightly colored blanket, decked out super-fine, things tied in his mane and forelocks and everything. he had a rifle on him too, if i remember right. he was tethered to the tree at Geronimo's grave.

I walked to the grave, and i left my gift to aid Geronimo on his way to the spirit land, and watched the pony. I didn't want to touch him because i thought maybe he was an apparition! Eventually i left, and found the guys, and we drove the van to the other area of graves, where i spent another 30 minutes or more.

We loaded in and got ready to leave, and danny said look at all those eagles. I looked up and there were three or four, and i thought, i usually don't see more than one or two together, then as we watched, four more flew in very quickly, and then more, and more, and more.

It was incredible. I said to danny, eagles don't ever glob up like that; they are solitary creatures or paired or just with the young. He said, there's something going on, it's a sign.

I stopped the van and we just watched them accumulate, and they circled in big circles altogether, kind of in layers. There were too many to count exactly, but i know it was at least 20, maybe 24 or 25. I had the realization that it was a portentious sign. I knew, and danny knew, that some great spiritual event was taking place or had taken place. We marvelled, danny and i.

Then i thought, maybe it's to do with the spirit pony, maybe it's the date Geronimo died (it was April 22 or 23, 2000.) And the eagles are all coming around because of Geronimo's spirit. But then i remembered the magic deer coming to me from the woods as a boy, and the grouse, and my desert home, and then - then i thought they were there for me. Because i'm the gifted boy, or maybe because danny was with me too, and we were always close, share thoughts and things at times, and i knew he was a large part Cherokee.

It was a remarkable experience.

Thank you for everything,
your spirit brother,


"WAS THE 2004 ELECTION STOLEN?" - Rolling Stone


"IS IGNORANCE EXCUSE?" Letter Natalie Maines - The Dixie Chicks

"IS BUSH A DESPOT?" Letter to Editors / Opinion-Editorial

Letter to WPLN re the proposed TN Lottery

Letter from Colin Reed, CEO Gaylord Entertainment

Letter to Editor; Sept. 12 2001 on

Subject: Re: CD Baby Digital Distribution update
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 00:39:30 -0500
From: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd

Organization: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd
To: Derek Sivers / CD Baby

You're getting into the territory i worked deeply in, at NASA JSC and top secret DOD technology projects.

It's *not* amazing that every download system is different. This is the standard model in technology - lots of ideas and methods, shake down, market shake out, then one or two dominant prototypes emerge. This is the time costs drop dramatically. The smart time to enter the market is after the shakedown cycles are over.

You told me you had a signed agreement with Apple. I never would have paid $40 to you had i known all the tenuous threads (in your email below) existed. Lucy emailed us earlier in the summer and i refered her to our article on the iPod and affiliated technology, and the issues. We advised her no one knew what was happening and to hold off.

Then you emailed saying you had signed an agreement and for $40 you would encode and sell via Apple et al. Now you indicate nothing is solid, and even HFA has their large fingers in the pie.

We are a HFA publisher principal. There are volumes to be told of that history, especially with the digital music revolution and their vacillating positions and regimes. They, and the majors, are massively confused. I'm not saying don't work with them, because it makes sense to sometimes. I'm simply saying they are massively confused.

I am not happy with your 'fessing up' after the fact. You should have gotten your things together anteriori, like the former derek i knew. It's easy to get a little crazy with the majors (billion dollar corporations) throwing money and influence around. And it's easy to be swayed when they are paying for (operating) a significant part of an operation.

Maybe you're in a little over your head, i don't know. You intimate such ("nice old fashioned model".)

I am and have been deeply involved in the CARP hearings and all other issues. I am an expert in copyright law. My guru-level background in CS and Grammy-nominated credits in music place me in a unique position of understanding and vision in these matters.

I am disappointed. Yes, i want my $40 refunded. I'll join up again AFTER you've settled out. Right now, there is absolutely no guarantee anything will every happen (resolve.) I hope it does, and there are lots of important reasons iPod should succeed. Let's let it happen first, then I'll pay the $40 again and we'll run it through at that time.

thank you,
george mcclure

ps I sure as hell wouldn't waste my time coding to all the different standards, because they're going to go away. Wasted effort and lost time. go back the old smart derek i used to know.

pps I sent a copy to LEGAL@ so it is saved for reference. It's not a legal matter to me.

Letter to Natalie Maines, the Dixie Chicks

Is ignorance an excuse for making mistakes? We all are responsible for being informed
citizens. We don't all have to be thoughtful, or ethical, or speak up for what we believe,
but we all have responsibility for being aware of our world and accepting others who are

I commend you, Natalie, for speaking your mind. Artists are often leaders in society; it's
part of our role and responsibility. I personally agree that Bush is a disgrace on the war
issue. His IQ is only marginally over 100 and it is obvious to everyone who understands 
the political process that he was put into office by petroleum interests and billion-dollar 

If you think their interests coincide with yours and mine, remember the poisoning of
housands and hundreds of thousands in Love Canal, EPA superfund areas like Texas City
and Pearland Texas, and now Mexico. Corporations have one objective: profits. They put
Bush into office and he is their minion. I don't think he is aware of his grunthood; rather I 
think he's dull and unaware that he's being played by the smart ones. 

Personally, I applaud you Natalie, for speaking your mind and standing up for what you
believe is right - accountability. Unilateral war decisions are a relic of the 19'th century. 
We don't need it anymore. 

Do you think the United Nations members can't do their jobs? Are you trying to tell me 
the representative from Switzerland, say, is not intelligent enough to safeguard the 
interests of his citizens? That they don't care about being invaded? They care just as much 
as you and I care. To reject the world in this decision-making process is audacious and 
arrogant and short-sighted. 

It's time to move to the next level in planetary consciousness - democratic world 
concensus. We do not need a reversion to crocodilian "king of the heap" thinking. It is
totally counter-productive. 

george mcclure
Nashville TN 

[McClure is a Grammy-contender Nashville producer (45'th, first round) and former 
NASA Houston research scientist.]

"IS BUSH A DESPOT?" Letter to Editors / Opinion-Editorial

I have friends in Kosovo and throughout Europe and I commend our military men and
women and support them completely.

The U.S. government and Bush's actions are different from supporting our women and
 men in action.  We can question the ethical right and wrong of a government and still
 support our soldiers. 

The nations in Europe close to Iraq do not support the U.S.'s position to invade Iraq. The
 nations and countries of the earth do not support it. Bush's sole steadfast compatriot has
been Tony Blair in the UK, and even he waffles.  Yugoslavia support the U.S.'s position -
 but out of fear. They know if they don't, their country will be levelled in a possible war, 
so they acquiesce. The minute Britain waffled, Yugoslavia announced they might align 
with their neighbors, not with the U.S. 

Tom Ridge admitted on prime time TV that the federal "security alerts" issued to
 local law enforcement were not real, but were "in case a real threat occurs".  The alerts
 were totally false - alerts designed not to protect us, but to frighten us.

Oh, I'm afraid, brother; I am afraid sister and mother. I lost my freedom yesterday when a
 tiny cotillion in Congress tried to pass the second Homeland Security Act, allowing 
secret arrests of U.S. citizens who are considered "a threat to the economic security of the 
United States."

I lost my freedom when the Homeland Security Act was signed into law and the FBI 
could wiretap and surveil me with vastly relaxed standards and little accountability.

I lost my freedom when the government filtered the reporting of the Gulf War. Reporters
 were arrested and jailed if they tried to take pictures of the real war.  The real truth is
 thousands of people were killed and plowed into huge graves by military dozers before 
reporters were allowed to enter, only to photograph freshly worked soil and not the real 
carnage that occurred.

I lost my freedom last night when Peter Jennings said "the disruption in broadcast signal
 [from the live reporter] is something we'll be seeing more of."  The military and Bush are
 censoring the reporting of fundamental news.  They are abridging a God-given 
Constitutional right, the right to Freedom of Speech.

I lost my freedom when Bush held a secret illegal meeting with the Legislative Branch. 
We are witnessing the dissolution and loss of more freedom than ever in the history of the
 United States. Heretofore we fought to gain freedom, now Bush wants to fight to take
 away freedom.

I fought for freedom. I killed for freedom. I died for freedom.  I served my country on 
Federal DOD top secret SCI work assignments at Intergraph Corp and NASA Houston 

How can I stand idly by while everything I hold precious and dear is stolen from me?  It's
 being thieved in the name of justice, yet true justice is the democratic agreement of the

It's clear the overwhelming majority worldwide - of nations and individuals alike - 
believe a U.S. invasion of Iraq is wrong and will dangerously destabilize the world. Some
 fear a global war. I fear the loss of my freedoms.

Nashville TN

[McClure is a Grammy-contender Nashville producer (45'th, first round) and former
 NASA Houston research scientist.]

Letter to WPLN re the proposed TN Lottery
             RE: TN Lottery
             Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:22:20 -0500

  I am a Nashville producer and executive, having moved here in fall
1991 after resigning my NASA Johnson Space Center research scientist
position in Houston.  

  Government institutionalized gambling is unethical and contributes to
the decay of our culture. Lottery tickets are purchased by the low
income stratus of society, taking money from the very people who need it
most, those who have the least education to know they are being fleeced.

  The TN sales tax more than adequately provides operating capital for
improved education and all the other issues people want addressed.  The
sales tax was already increased 15.4% - this is a huge increase by
anyone's standards - did you forget so quickly? 

  Finally, I am addressing what so many wonder about, and so few are
willing to admit:  The fundamental problem is that WE MUST LEARN TO LIVE
WITHOUT GROWING LARGER.  Cancerous growth is just that; a cancer.  It's
pointless, fruitless, and will finish us unless we overcome and correct
the problem. 

  Picture the planet all grown up - city and suburb everywhere. (This is
what's happening.)  Where will the food be grown?  Will we be able to
breathe the air or drink the water?  Stop the cancerous growth and we
solve all fiscal problems de facto.  Let's work on fundamental changes. 


 gm, BA BA MCS
 CEO & President 
 McClure & Trowbridge Publishing

Subject: Re: REQUESTED COMMENTS Master Recording Delivery Recommendations/P&E Members
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 00:52:27 -0500
From: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd
To: P&E Wing General Delivery
Hello, I come from a unique position of being both a computer scientist
(research scientist at NASA, Houston JSC) and producer/recording

 My impression on reading of the Master Recording Delivery
Recommendations document, is that it agrees WAV is a universal
deliverable medium. This is fine. I think it's wise to stay within the
actual working consesus used by studios, and my perception is WAV is it.

 For hard drive (HD) only masters, "suitable backup/safeties" format
SHOULD BE ANALOG TAPE.  This is the "old standard" in the computer
world, a medium in use since the 1950's.  And it's an "old standard" in
music recording as well. It's stablest by dint of its longevity; it's
likely to be around for a long long time to come. .

 DAT, and more recent media, would be second choice, as they are under
more pressure to change and evolve.

 You may have addressed this particular point in the document. Just an

 george mcclure, CEO & President
 McClure & Trowbridge Publishing Ltd
 JIP Records

> Master Recording Delivery Recommendations
> There are three specific DELIVERABLES outlined herein:
> 1. The physical "MASTERS" and "BACKUPS" as specified in the Recorded Delivery
> 2.  Specific labeling for each and every element (all tape & tape cassette boxes, DVDs, 
hard drives) of delivery by means of a Media ID label.
> 3.  The Recording Map to accompany the physical deliverables. It is recommended that 
this Recording Map document be maintained throughout the project.
> Further it is recommended that electronic copies (metadata, by their very nature) of all 
of the MediaIDs and the Recording Map Summary.

Letter from Gaylord CEO Colin Reed, in response to my Press Release (below). Gaylord also called our office by telephone.
Subject: Re: 650 WSM-AM
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 10:40:30 -0600
From: Mediarelations

January 28, 2002

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your concern over the future of 650 WSM-AM and the Grand Ole Opry. I know I speak for everyone at Gaylord Entertainment, the Opry and 650 WSM-AM when I tell you that your comments were very much appreciated. As we considered ways to expand the reach of the Opry and improve 650 WSM-AM, I can tell you the passion we felt from loyal fans the world over played a part in our decision-making process. Even though 650 WSM-AM's ratings do not reflect it, we knew there was a large, loyal, and passionate audience out there for country music. Simply said, we believe the Opry and 650 WSM-AM are both gems that just need polishing.

We are excited about the future, we are proud to keep the Opry on 650 WSM-AM, and we are looking forward to using new technologies to expand the reach, enhance the quality and bring these wonderful icons of country music to millions and millions of fans around the world.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us and for being a loyal listener of 650 WSM-AM and the Grand Ole Opry.

Colin Reed
President and CEO
Gaylord Entertainment

>>> "McClure & Trowbridge Publishing" 01/04/02 01:57PM >>>

McClure & Trowbridge Publishing wrote:
> "Gaylord Crushing WSM Country Music Format?"
> --------------------------------------------
>         c.2002 McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
> Nashville Channel 5 news reported today that Gaylord
> threatened to fire the employee who leaked the plans to
> change WSM's format, in an executive meeting berating
> Gaylord staff. Gaylord plans to crush WSM's historic country
> music format and move to talk or sports format.
> The Tennessean reported "Gaylord Chief Executive Officer
> Colin Reed said the company is evaluating the operations of
> its three radio stations, and that classic country WSM-AM is
> the least profitable of the three."
> In the latest of a long string of policy changes,
> cancellations, and unlikely enterprises is Gaylord's format
> change for one of the largest and most popular country music
> stations in North America, WSM.
> The WSM Grand Ole Opry is the historic, still running live
> country music show broadcast from the Grand Ole Opry Hotel
> most Friday and Saturday nights. In the 1920's and 1930's
> when country radio emerged, live radio shows proliferated.
> Two of the biggest were the WLS Barndance broadcast from
> Chicago, and the WSM Grand Ole Opry broadcast from Nashville
> TN.
> Last year, Radio & Records, a leading radio trade
> publication, chose WSM-AM the Country Station of the
> Century.
> Nashville's central location in the mid-deep South made WSM
> an ideal home base for country music entertainers, and WSM's
> far-reaching signal covered the entire United States. Other
> major country music stations broadcast from just over the
> Mexican border in Tijuana, Nogales, and Juarez and attracted
> the best of U.S. star entertainers. The Mexican stations,
> with unrestricted powerful transmittors, were a major
> competitive force in the radio market for years.
> The history of Gaylord's mismanagement and poor decisions is
> well known (see "Gaylord BMI Insider News", 05/04/01) and
> spans decades. Losing money is another thing the company is
> good at.
> Repeatedly placing themselves in losing ventures, Gaylord
> has axed its 'less productive' lower earning divisions in
> rash attempts to improve their bottom line. Often these less
> productive divisions were mainstays of the company and of
> the country music industry.
> Bob Meyer, vice president and general manager of WSM-AM,
> WSM-FM and WWTN-FM, retired March 31, 2001, after eighteen
> years with the stations and a broadcasting career that began
> in 1968.
> Cancelled Gaylord divisions include Opryland, themepark home
> of live music and jobs to thousands of musicians and support
> staff;, the ill-planned and mismanaged Internet
> branch of Gaylord;  and Southern Publishing, Gaylord's
> attempt to enter the music publishing business which ate up
> budget and never progressed beyond the planning stages.
> WSM may be anticipating a format switch, but it's official
> at KYCY-FM in San Francisco. KYCY's exit will leave San
> Francisco without a country music station.
> c.2002 McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
> --
> Thanks for cruising !
> McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
> P.O.Box 70403 NASH TN 37207-0403 USA
> CDs    1+(615)902.0509

Sept. 12 2001 on

We must not polarize our people and the world over this attack with retaliation before we have proof and consensus.
We must protect ourselves - jet fighters on the East Coast is NOT sufficient!
My first thought on seeing the Pentagon ca.1983 - "Why is it above ground?"

We must examine WHY millions of people around the planet dislike Americans and the U.S. We are notoriously ethnocentric, and ignore others' views, cultures, and opinions. We have destroyed cultures and economic systems for 400 years. We committed genocide against the American Indian. It is time to stop these policies!

WHY did the attacks occur? Public statements indicate anger over U.S. backing of Israel. If our concern in the Middle East is oil, we should let it be oil. We have no place in a cultural or religious war - anywhere! The U.S. has an abysmal record in cultural dogmatism and injustice.

PEACE. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "I have a dream." Let's move to see that dream, let's move to make that dream, real today. WE CAN DO ANYTHING IF WE BELIEVE.

George McClure
Nashville producer & writer, former NASA space scientist
Nashville TN

Sept. 15 2001 Press Release

George McClure 09/15/01
Nashville producer & writer, former NASA space scientist

Almost no one is examining WHY the attacks occurred on U.S. sites, at least in the United States press.

1. Protect immediately from further attacks
2. Determine why the attacks occurred
3. Plan courses of action to stop further attacks
4. The communications infrastructure problem

1. Protection
What we see is reactive defenses which are woefully inadequate. Jet fighters and aircraft carriers in position over part of the US Eastern seaboard IS NOT ADEQUATE protection.

Terrorists can enter the country and attack from many routes and through many means. The entire west coast is unprotected, easily targeted. We need to protect ALL our borders immediately and put the entire nation on full military alert, controlling all entry and exit.

Terrorists WILL NOT only attack with pirated airplanes! Think like a terrorist - they may use boats, trains, bombs, chemical and biological agents. We need FULL ALERT protection from all these "routes and means" immediately.

2. Determine why the attacks occurred
Public statements made 3 - 4 weeks prior to the attacks warned if U.S. backing of Israel did not stop, the U.S. would be attacked in a severe ongoing fashion.

If we stop backing Israel will the attacks stop? These threats seem to indicate "yes".

We must examine WHY the U.S. is backing Israel. If it's to protect oil interests, let's call a spade a spade and protect U.S. oil interests, and drop the charade. It's dishonest and counterproductive.

If we are backing Israel because we support the Israelites' side in a holy war, we MUST ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES of taking sides in a battle that has raged for two to four thousands years.

3. Plan courses of action to stop further attacks
How do we stop air attacks? 24 hour full alert military jet patrols of all borders. Build bubbles around target buildings or cities. Build DOWN instead of up. Down is safe.

How do we stop train/auto/bomb/chemico/agent attacks?
Close all borders and seaboards. This is a war situation. Do you think people who destroy buildings containing 50,000 people won't hike across the Mexican border with a bomb? And board a bus to anywhere and explode the bomb? WE MUST SEE FURTHER AHEAD THAN MERELY REACTING TO EACH SITUATION AS IT UNFOLDS.

Rebuild buildings either down, underground, or with protective bubble shields. You've seen comics and movies - the city of the future look - cities and buildings in bubbles, so they can repel attacks.

4. The communications infrastructure problem
The U.S. communications network infrastructure is wide open to attack. The entire U.S. economy is run via networks including the Internet, data communications, satellite and WAN networks, and voice lines.

A hit a few blocks from the World Trade Center towers would have destroyed AT&T communications strongholds. Removing only a few of these centers nationally would bring the country to a standstill - no groceries, no gasoline, no telephones, no communications, no trucking, no TV, no nothing. And this standstill would be ongoing for weeks, months.

Attacks From Within The Communications Infrastructure:
The attack and crashing of Yahoo was indicative of the power of attacks on the Internet. The Internet uses much of the same infrastructure used by business, commerce, and communications in this country.

We have yet to experience a malicious attack on the country's communications infrastructure; it has been limited to joy-riding hackers attacking a specific company, heretofor. WE NEED DOUBLE REDUNDANT NETWORK SYSTEMS AND CONTINGENCY PLANS IMMEDIATELY so we can function with major infrastructure points out of commission.

We must TREAT THE WTC ATTACK AS A WAKE UP CALL to mobilize protections world wide, in all industrial countries.

In closing, I have a word for peace and hope, and new beginning: PEACE. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "I have a dream." Let's move to see that dream, let's move to make that dream, real today. WE CAN DO ANYTHING IF WE BELIEVE.

George McClure, producer and writer, Nashville TN
former NASA computer scientist

Subject: Re: POLI pin number
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 19:14:57 -0500
From: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
Organization: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
References: 1 [I had written her seven times telling her we cannot open .doc attachments and requesting a .txt, pdf, or other universal format]

"this here your ignorant ill-bred Southerner (with four university degrees from top US schools) an' we wan' some directions in text format, please, m'um.

thank you kindly,

your ill-bred underfed interwed hillbilly cuzzins,
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing"

Subject: Re: Job Offer
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 23:52:48 -0500
From: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
Organization: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
To: Chris & Gigi Rehm

>> By the way, who the hell is this "Miller" Dude anyway?

"it's history, history.

well, long, long ago, on a small dark planet, an evil plan was hatched. the salient beings there decided on a star voyage, to escape boredom in their otherwise high-IQ, uniformly dull, existences.

they came to Nashville and founded an earthling company, "McClure & Trowbridge Publishing", and decided to take over the worlds' human psyche through growing the company and influencing peoples' minds. the salient beings believed earthlings were far off track spiritually, and focused only on "mind" and "body", leaving out "heart" and "soul", resulting in massive damage to the planet and its heart-mind-body-soul.

After a little research, the beings found stunning evidence - scientifically, spiritually, and historically - of some profound errors in the fundamental philosophical bases of western civilization (european civilization), the dominant driving human society on planet earth.

First, the salient beings tried to work within the world of science to make the world a better place, and to spread their ideas of a balanced philosophical framework for advanced human forms on the planet. They found, even after experimenting in interplanetary voyage operations and some of the most advanced technological projects on the planet, that it would take ten to twenty years, optimistically, to disseminate some of their ideas to the populace of earth.

And they feared it could take much longer, as with a monkey-god called Einstein, whose relativistic ideas took eighty years to really seep into the human psyche. So they decided on a plan to more immediately touch peoples' lives, and to effect the good and the change in a more direct and immediate fashion, and they noticed an almost universal phenomenon called 'entertainment' which seemed to lift people, make them laugh, make them cry, and take them out of themselves for a time, and change them.

And they found the plan was good, and they brought about change, a little at a time, touching one human soul at a time, in journeys over the planet. their change was immediate and might touch one, or ten, or a hundred, or a thousand; it was not change on a greatly reduced time table of technical wizardry necessitated by the god of western civ, "science".

And the salient beings saw it was good. And they continued in their plan and their work."

Correspondence with Bill Purcell, Mayor Nashville:
Subject: RE: Number 1 PRIORITY: CLEAN THE AIR!
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 15:03:52 -0600
From: ""
To: "''"

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns about the air quality in Nashville.

Please be assured that protecting the air quality in Nashville is and will continue to be a priority for this administration. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to write. It will always be important for me to know about the things that matter to our citizens.

Bill Purcell

-----Original Message-----
From: McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 9:08 PM
Subject: RE: Number 1 PRIORITY: CLEAN THE AIR!

I am a writer/recording artist, George McClure. I moved to Nashville Fall 1991 to pursue my music career, having resigned my NASA space scientist (software engineer and artificial intelligence research scientist) position in Houston.

I make my living singing. I have lung disease BROUGHT ON BY AIR POLLUTION. My continued health and career DEPENDS ON MY BEING ABLE TO BREATHE. I CANNOT BREATHE POLLUTED AIR.

Please make CLEAN AIR YOUR TOP PRIORITY IN NASHVILLE THIS YEAR. All of our health depends on it - children and adults.

George McClure

Thu, 30 Nov 2000
Correspondence with Gene Hoffman, CEO and President,
Please see
We are a Nashville, TN niche publisher and artist management firm, with an ex-NASA computer software scientist on staff. We are keenly aware of issues regarding, Napster, your company, and all of us in digi music online.


PLEASE view the Internet Radio/TV/Webcast as WHAT IT IS: a MEDIUM PLEASE view Napster as what it is: individuals sharing copies of music, just like individuals share cassette and CD copies of music. IT IS NO DIFFERENT.



Let's work TOGETHER. It is not a tough problem, just one that needs some insight and thought to work out.

George McClure, President
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing
Nashville TN USA

This is the letter from Gene Hoffman at, to which I responded (above):

Dear EMusic affiliate,

Recently we announced an initiative aimed at Napster, Inc. to stop the rampant distribution of EMusic tracks through the Napster service. Since the announcement, there has been much written about our activities and I want to make sure that you understand exactly what we are doing and why.

As you know, EMusic represents thousands of artists and hundreds of independent labels - all of these artists and labels have specifically made their music available in the MP3 format through EMusic. We have a responsibility to our artists, labels, investors, partners, employees and most importantly, our customers, to do whatever possible to protect the valuable copyrights with which the company has been entrusted.

We have been in discussions with Napster for the past six months in search of a consumer-friendly way to prevent the unauthorized distribution of our music. Despite our good faith efforts, Napster has been unwilling to work with us on any level. Napster has repeatedly told us that if we want to stop the illegal trading of EMusic tracks, we should send them a notice and they will block the applicable users account.

Because Napster refuses to explore reasonable alternatives, we've been left with one option -- to do what Napster has suggested. As a result, we have begun to implement activities aimed at educating Napster users who are distributing EMusic tracks illegally. Here's how it works:

* EMusic has developed a software application that will continually search for Napster users that are illegally distributing EMusic tracks. When an infringing user is identified, he/she will receive an instant message making them aware of the infringement and providing 24-hours to stop distributing the track.

* If after 24 hours the user continues to make the tracks available via the Napster service, we will notify Napster of the infringement. Napster has told us that they will then block the account. As previously noted, Napster, in multiple communications, has said that this is the only action they will implement.

Our hope is that we will have to send Napster very few user names. We trust consumers and believe that with the right information and education most will do the right thing.

We DO NOT believe that this is the best solution to the problem. EMusic has provided detailed technical solutions that would allow Napster to remove tracks from its database without canceling user accounts. Despite the absolute technical feasibility of this solution and EMusic's willingness to provide additional technical assistance, Napster has refused to even explore these options.

Unlike the major labels, EMusic and the labels we work with cannot be written off as unwilling to embrace new technology. EMusic was the first major Web site to offer legitimate MP3s from established artists. We also recently introduced the first downloadable subscription service. We absolutely understand the excitement and benefits that consumers see in Napster and believe it has exposed millions of new customers to downloadable music. That said - Napster is trying to build a business based on artistic work it has not created and on rights for which it has not received permission.

Since the announcement, Napster has suggested that we may be violating its privacy policy. We are surprised that Napster's executives would question the right of EMusic to enforce its copyrights. We would remind Napster that the process of submitting infringing user names to have their accounts blocked is exactly the process that Napster has told us to follow and is the ONLY solution that Napster has suggested to EMusic and other copyright holders. As we have stated above, there are technically viable alternatives to blocking user accounts - alternatives that EMusic has discussed in detail with Napster. Napster's refusal to implement a system to protect the rights of artists and labels leaves no doubt about the true motives of the company: to profit from the illegal distribution of music.

Napster is clearly raising the issue of privacy as a smokescreen to sway public opinion against EMusic, our artists and labels, and our legitimate downloadable music service. Our company - from day one - has been a strong and vocal advocate for the rights of music consumers and for privacy on the Internet. EMusic is not using any technology that violates privacy. EMusic only accesses information that the USER makes PUBLICLY AVAILABLE for all of the world to see. Our software simply searches and downloads music just like any Napster user. Each user is solely in control of whether he/she wants to make that information available to the public.

Making music publicly available without permission of the copyright holder is both a violation of US Copyright law - specifically the No Electronic Theft Act of 1997 - and a violation of Napster's own Terms of Service.

We continue to leave the door open to Napster to work with us to implement a more consumer friendly solution. Until then, we will take the only action Napster has made available to us to protect the valuable rights of EMusic and its artists and labels.

If you have additional questions about these activities or EMusic's policies, please contact You can refer to fan-friendly policy on the rights and responsibilities of MP3 users at


Gene Hoffman
President and CEO,

Bluegrass Unlimited Letters, July 2000 issue:
I have
lived and played music in the Southwest, the Carolinas, Alabama and Texas, Alaska (and others) as well as Tennessee. In all these regions, bluegrass is played a little differently, songs have different verses or words, and sometimes the melody and chord progressions change somewhat. The songs evolve through "the folk process" -- people changing a little here and there, and others learning from them in the aural/oral tradition. I also "collect" or study songs and their origins, it's kind of a hobby.

A good example is the song "Goin' Back To Georgia", which I learned first from Leslie Keith, who brought it to Arizona in his personal repertoire straight from Appalachia. It has the same melody and progression and phrasing as the Southwest's "Big Balls In Cowtown" (Bob Wills), which I also learned in the oral tradition in Arizona. What amazed me was coming across the song "Big Ball In Boston" published in sheet music in the 1800's. It was a parlor song hit, and moved via oral tradition to these different parts of the country where it took on different words and contexts to fit Appalachia and the West and Southwest.

Perhaps it was natural, learning Southeastern music in the Southwest, to be concerned with "authenticity" of the sources of our music.

One of the first characteristics of the Nashville bluegrass jam scene I noticed on my drives up from North Alabama around ten years ago, was a total rejection on the part of most pickers, of regional variations of songs, and an attitude of "There is only one right way to play this song, and this is it." I had hoped to find a great "melting pot" of stylistic influences here but did not.

I found this is a "Flatt & Scruggs town", e.g. everyone knows and plays F&S material, and other material, such as Stanleys or non-Opry acts, are brushed off. This is very different from eastern Carolina and far-eastern Virginia, for instance, where Reno is king and nearly everyone plays Reno & Smiley repertoire extensively.

After getting to know a lot more people in Nashville, I found a broader view and more tolerance, mostly among the "upper echelon" players. And, I found after moving to Nashville in 1992, that there is a pronounced bluegrass jam "clique" or social group.

George McClure
Nashville TN / July 2000

In response to my 1997 letters to TN US Senators & Representatives, pleading and insisting that songwriters' and recording artists' intellectual rights be protected, and expressing my support of extending the copyright term to life plus 70, to match the European Union terms:

from the Honorable Fred Thompson, U.S. Senate, TN:
"Dear GM,

...As a Tennessean, I understand that laws affecting the music industry have an impact on one of our largest enterprises. These two bills [Fairness In Musical Licensing Act and Copyright Term Extension Act] revise federal copyright law to provide that ... transmission of a work via cable, satellite, or other transmission wouild not be a copyright infringement unless an admission fee is charged.

I have a great amount of respect and admiration for singers, songwriters, publishers, and all who make their livelihood in the music business. In my view, it is clear that individuals who work diligently to create and produce music should be justly compensated. I share your concerns about these bills and worked to defeat them when they were ... I will continue to oppose legislation such as S. 2B and H.R. 789.

I also share your support for the Copyright Term Exteension Act, H.R. 604. In fact, as in the last Congress, I am an original cosponsor of the Senate version of the bill, S. 505 ...

I am pleased that we agree on both of these issues. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.

Fred Thompson
United States Senator" / June 5, 1997

from the Honorable Rep. Bob Clement, 5'th District, TN (in response to the same letter as above):
"Dear GM,

...The only acceptable resolution is one which recognizes the value of your work and protects your livelihood. H.R. 789 offers no such assurances and I will not support it in its current form...

...You may be assured that I will continue to monitor this issue, and work with my colleagues to ensure that songwriters, and the music industry, are treated fairly.

...I am happy to inform you that I am a (sic) original cosponsor of this essential legislation.

... Rest assured, I will continue to promote your views and protect your interests.

Bob Clement
Member of Congress" / May 28, 1997

I wrote Charlie Bailey when he was sick in 1995, and told him how much one of his albums with his brother, meant to me early in my career.
from Charles Bailey, 3-31-95:
"Hi Stephen

Thank you for the card & kind words. It was swell of you to take time from your busy schedule to write. Was good to know you like the album. Thank you so much.

I wish you and your fellow musicians & associates the very best in success and with your attitude you will succeed I'm sure.
The Dr. told me yesterday I was doing swell.

Again Thanks.

Musically your friend
Charles" / 3 -31 - 95

  >> By the way, who the hell is this "Miller" Dude anyway?
"it's history, history.
"well, long, long ago, on a small dark planet, an evil plan was hatched. the salient beings there decided on a star voyage, to escape boredom in their otherwise high-IQ, uniformly dull, existences.

"they came to Nashville and founded an earthling company, "McClure & Trowbridge Publishing", and decided to take over the worlds' human psyche through growing the company and influencing peoples' minds. the salient beings believed earthlings were far off track spiritually, and focused only on "mind" and "body", leaving out "heart" and "soul", resulting in massive damage to the planet and its heart-mind-body-soul systems.

"After a little research, the beings found stunning evidence - scientifically, spiritually, and historically - of some profound errors in the fundamental philosophical bases of western civilization (european civilization), the dominant driving human society on planet earth.

"First, the salient beings tried to work within the world of science to make the world a better place, and to spread their ideas of a balanced philosophical framework for advanced human forms on the planet. They found, even after experimenting in interplanetary voyage operations and some of the most advanced technological projects on the planet, that it would take ten to twenty years, optimistically, to disseminate some of their ideas to the populace of earth.

"And they feared it could take much longer, as with a monkey-god called Einstein, whose relativistic ideas took eighty years to really seep into the human psyche. So they decided on a plan to more immediately touch peoples' lives, and to effect the good and the change in a more direct and immediate fashion, and they noticed an almost universal phenomenon called 'entertainment' which seemed to lift people, make them laugh, make them cry, and take them out of themselves for a time, and change them.

"And they found the plan was good, and they brought about change, a little at a time, touching one human soul at a time, in journeys over the planet. their change was immediate and might touch one, or ten, or a hundred, or a thousand; it was not change on a greatly reduced time table of technical wizardry necessitated by the god of western civilization, "science".

"And the salient beings saw it was good. And they continued in their plan and their work."

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